The Stylish Hijab Scarves - Vela
The Stylish Hijab Scarves - Vela
A stylish and modest hijab scarf made from Vela

If you've been hunting for a stylish and modest hijab scarf, you've probably come to the right place. The Vela brand offers a wide variety of fashionable and practical hijab scarves. Each scarf has a unique look that makes it ideal for any event and is made of high-quality materials. Vela also offers a variety of colors, including black, white, red, and green.

Marwa Atik

Marwa Atik started her business sewing hijabs in her parents' garage and has since been able to expand. Today, her brand features hijabs with unique ornamentation and patterns and different ways to tie them. While she sells her hijabs online, she hopes to expand into stores and market them to non-Muslim women.

The fabrics used in Vela hijabs are made from cotton, which is breathable and durable. However, this material may bleed in the first wash, so it is essential to hand-wash it in cold water and hang it to dry. In addition to cotton, Vela also uses bamboo, a sustainable resource. Bamboo is also a natural fiber, so it doesn't require a lot of water to produce.

Atik's company sells hijabs with unique embellishments, including zippers and fringe. She makes hijabs with a modern flair with embellishments like exaggerated zippers, Victorian pleats, and military buttons. She also has hijabs with a fashion-forward vibe inspired by Alexander McQueen. This brand's founder is committed to social justice and breaking barriers.

Atik Sabri

The fashion-forward hijab scarf brand is the brainchild of Atik, a 20-year-old trendsetter from Huntington Beach, California. She aims to offer more fantastic options for Muslim women who wear hijabs. Atik's company, Vela, is named after the Latin word for veil, and her designs feature a variety of materials and styles. Inspired by Alexander McQueen and other designers, Atik aims to bring women the freedom to express their style while remaining modest.

Atik began wearing a hijab in the eighth grade. She later became editor of her high school yearbook but realized she spent more time on fashion websites than school pictures. She even sat down in an aisle of Walmart for hours, reading fashion magazines. Her love of textiles led her to take sewing classes, which helped her design her first hijab last summer.

The company has grown to over 1,000 customers worldwide. Atik is also the designer and co-founder of Vela. Atik has designed the brand herself, but she also works with her sister, Tasneem Atik Sabri.

Tasneem Atik Sabri

Tasneem Atik Sabir is a woman who started her own business, Vela, to produce hijabs for Muslim women. She started the company with her sister Tasneem in 2010, and today it sells hijabs online only, with plans to open stores in the future. The company has collaborated with Adidas, Fila, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and more. She also plans to sell her hijabs to non-Muslim women in the future.

The two sisters work together out of a downtown Los Angeles studio. Their hijabs feature contemporary fashion trends. When they teamed up to start the business, Atik saw a market for stylish hijabs that was missing. The sisters began using hashtags to promote their products, such as #chichijab. They have gained a following of over 1,000 customers worldwide.

Atik has been meeting with boutique store owners worldwide to sell her hijabs. Her dream is to sell her hijabs to major department stores. However, she knows the difficulty of selling hijabs to non-Muslim women. She has found that non-Muslim women wear scarves in different ways than Muslim women do.


Atik Sabri is the co-founder of the Qawiyah hijab scarf company Vela. The company produces stylish hijabs with features like zippers, fringe, and pleats. Its founder never spilled her coffee and wore a snakeskin print scarf with a denim jacket with black leather trim.

Aaliyah is the Arabic word for woman with strength. It is written in bubblegum pink letters with an emerald green shadow. The scarf's design is filled with floral, vine, and pomegranate motifs. The scarf has already sold out on its first day of availability. Vela Scarves collaborated with Kween Karaza, an artist and designer from Ireland. Her work is unique and wearable, combining traditional and modern styles.

The Stylish Hijab Scarves

The Stylish Hijab Scarves