What Is the Difference Between Thesis and Dissertation?
What Is the Difference Between Thesis and Dissertation?
You most probably have heard about research projects like a dissertation and a thesis. Both these tasks are final research projects that students have to complete during their undergrad and postgrad programs.

These lengthy and daunting tasks leave students in distress. Even many students do not know the difference between a thesis and a dissertation. In this post, we will show you the core difference between them.

Many students wonder why these tasks are different from each other when they both are research projects. Why did not the academic experts name these tasks simply as research projects? Well, these types of questions are common among students who deal the first time with a research task. However, know that a thesis and a dissertation hold different characteristics. You will see the traits of both these tasks below. So do not start worrying yet.

The Aim of the Dissertation and Thesis

It is good to know the aim of a thesis and a dissertation first to understand their differences. These tasks serve similar purposes. Every student has to deal with them to show that they have adequate knowledge and research skills in their field. You might be thinking, why do their names differ when they serve nearly the same purpose? Well, it is because they lie in different areas. For example, a master's student will not get a dissertation task but a thesis. On the other hand, a dissertation project lies in the doctoral program. Both of them are research projects but at different levels of education.

The fact that is common in a thesis and a dissertation is that both these tasks are final projects. You need to complete them to get a degree. For some people, it is enough to differentiate between these tasks. However, we will show you more differences between them below. In this way, you will get a solid understanding of what these tasks do and where you will see them. So as long as we are here, you will keep getting free Dissertation Help Online.

The Length of a Dissertation and Thesis

You clearly know about the aim of a dissertation and a thesis in the section above. Now, we will show you how lengths differentiate these tasks. A master’s level student has less complexity in academic life than a doctoral student. They get a thesis to complete within a year, and its length is around 12,000 words generally. On the other hand, a dissertation task is more than double it. It means that a doctoral student has to spend probably three years on their research project. Not only just the time period but also the average length of a dissertation is around 40,000 words.

Thus, the length of a dissertation and a thesis can make them different from each other. If someone says they have to submit a research paper within three years, consider it a dissertation task. On the other hand, if a student gets one year to complete a research task, they have to deal with a thesis.

Core Differences between Dissertation and Thesis

Below, we have listed some core differences to understand how a thesis is different than a dissertation. There is no doubt that both these tasks share the same traits. However, we still can differentiate them with some factors.

·         The most common difference between a dissertation and a thesis is that a thesis belongs to a master's degree program. On the other hand, a dissertation task lies within a doctoral degree program.

·         A thesis does not demand students to perform high-scale intensive research. However, students have to come up with a brand new approach to a specific topic in a dissertation. That is why the deadline for a dissertation is around three years.

·         The length of both these tasks holds the key to the difference. A thesis is generally 12,000 words long, while a dissertation is more than 30,000 words.

·         A thesis contains an intro, literature review, methodology, presentation, conclusion, results, and abstract. On the other hand, a dissertation also has the same parts but with an addition of a grant proposal.


There is no shame in not knowing the difference between a dissertation and a thesis. Many students are unaware of the core differences between these tasks. However, they still manage to complete them. I hope we have cleared your doubts regarding these research projects. The above info is enough to provide an excellent understanding and differentiation of a thesis and a dissertation. Still, if you need some helping hand with your research project, know that you can hire Dissertation Educators services to get expert assistance.

Everything you need to know to differentiate between thesis and dissertation is in this post. Now, it is up to you how you assess things with the help of the above info. Also, it is vital to know the core differences between these tasks for a smooth writing process.