Want to Destroy Procrastination? Learn these 3 Effective Skills!
Want to Destroy Procrastination? Learn these 3 Effective Skills!
Learn 3 effective skills to improve your writing

Many students struggle to get down to business and do some serious studying. College or university life provides a schedule and structure that pushes many students' hands to the point where they feel obligated to put in the effort. The impact of this structure, however, is limited. There are a variety of situations in which a learner must be self-motivated. There are several times when learning alone is insufficient. Where a student must set aside time, sit down, and do the assignment... That's when things get tough. Most small firms fail because getting down to business becomes something that people can avoid, and students suffer a similar difficulty. Hopefully, this post has influenced your thoughts and motivated you to work a bit more regularly and perhaps even harder.

1. Find Something, a Method or Motivator that Influence You to Study

A simple way of working is not what we want all the time. You are well aware of the things you need to do, and at some point, deep in your heart you want to do it but still, due to one reason or the other, you don’t. You decide to study at 7:00 pm but you stay put until the clock says 10:00 pm. You plan to wake early in the morning but as you gather your energy, it’s already 10:30 in the morning.

If you struggle with the same issue every day, you are also in excessive need of something which people are searching for years to eliminate procrastination. You need to find a way, some method, or a motivator that influences you to focus on your goal whether it is related to education, profession, or something that relates to life. Something so massive and undeniable which easily drags you to achievement.

If we take history into consideration, it is filled with people who achieve great things because they succeed in finding those methods or motivators which elevate them towards great goals. A wonderful example can be a person who is extremely poor, and due to this reason becomes so obsessed with success that nothing can let procrastination win over him. For another example, you can take the people who take competitors seriously and do their best to perform better than anyone else in the same race.

All you need is to find something that keeps you motivated throughout your life, and we assure you, it is not something difficult if you put in your best efforts. A great method utilised by many students is that they tell themself that they are only allowed to watch a series when they complete 3 chapters(trust me this works wonders). Others do not eat anything until they complete the desired amount of chapters(here they take their hunger as a source of motivation). Around the globe, there are many students who have discovered weird ways which keep them motivated towards their academic goals and believe me, weirdness isn’t a bad thing till it kills procrastination.

2. You Cannot Kill Procrastination Until You are Tired!

In this scenario, no one is attempting to be your parent, but the fact that you are weary is hurting you more than you realise. When a student first arrives at a university or a dorm-based institution, he or she realises that things like bedtimes are no longer a part of their lives. Students get very little sleep, yet they feel OK throughout the day, so they delude themselves into believing that fatigue doesn't bother them.

Let us explore weariness' most insidious negative instead of lecturing you on how it affects a person's focus, attention span, and psychological well-being...

It depletes your drive in the same way that having a good time depletes your money account. Tiredness permits you to persuade yourself to postpone tasks, accomplish them later, or prioritise less important tasks. It's possible that your whole problem with motivation, procrastination and unwillingness to work stems from your body's need for more sleep.


Sleep isn't an option since life is too interesting. You want to stay up late because you can and because your body can get by on very little sleep. However, your motivation to work will dwindle... You'll never see it depart again.

3. Setting a Time Limit Can Do Wonders

Have you seen the film Devil's Advocate, starring Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves? "Strain...put some individuals under pressure and they focus...others simply break," Al Pacino says. Set time limitations for your learning to determine which group you belong to. By X-o'clock, you must have completed X amount of work.

You might not only become extraordinarily productive, but you might also become more driven. There are persons in our world who, for some reason, quit delaying when they know they have a time restriction on their studying or working. The promise that the unpleasant session will conclude at a specific time will help them break away from their procrastination on the subject.


Do not put your motivation or rule enforcement in the hands of people or outside forces since you are the only one who can power your accomplishment. Also, motivation should not be viewed as a commodity. Think of motivation as a light switch in your mind that can be turned on or off, rather than gasoline in a car.


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