Dog Enrichment: Toys, Games, and DIY Ideas
Dog Enrichment: Toys, Games, and DIY Ideas
Dog Enrichment: Toys, Games, and DIY Ideas

Our dog is our best friend and we love to spend our free time with him. As with humans, we can boost his intelligence if we offer him the right stimuli. A toy or a game is the best way to get these positive stimuli for the brain while enjoying a better quality of life. Including Dog brain toys in our daily life will make our dog happier while stimulating his intelligence.

Toys to promote the intelligence of our dog

There are several common premises to developing different Toys that will have great benefits for our pets. In general, contact with the outdoors is always a good idea, as well as playing games that make our dog exercise. Enjoying a beautiful landscape, as well as dealing with different types of people and other dogs will make our dog more awake and happy and stimulate his brain activity.

Do you want your dog to be smarter? Do not miss these interactive games to stimulate your best friend and make him more active and happy

Differentiate odors

Smelling is a sense that our dog has highly developed. It is interesting to stimulate him by sharing new smells with our furry friend that he will later have to identify and find. Using fruits and natural air fresheners (as long as they do not cause allergies) is a good way to start. You sure like to guess and find where these new scents are located


This game will be very fun for you. You just have to spread his favorite toy with some wet food (you can wrap it with a cloth so as not to dirty the house) and hide it so that your dog can find it

Catch the frisbee

It is an ideal practice to do outdoors and enjoy yourself together. Your dog will surely be delighted to catch the frisbee and return it to you right away. It is a stimulating game with which your best friend will exercise and will encourage his coordination and brain activity.

Who has a stick, has a treasure

Many times it is not necessary to have a very sophisticated toy at hand. A short, smooth branch can be the best toy in the park. A ball will also be one of his favorite games, which he is sure to be happy to fetch

Enjoy the music

The sounds are perfect to Keep your dogs busy and entertained and also stimulate the intelligence of your dog. In addition to music, you can also play nature sounds that will also be very stimulating. On Youtube, for example, there are many perfect recordings to stimulate your pet. Sounds like the howling of a pack of wolves are great for stimulating your brain.

The wonderful cardboard box

Simple toys help foster their imagination. A cardboard box that he can hide in, jump over as an obstacle, etc. can be a really exhilarating game. I'm sure you'll love it!

Interactive toys and activity games for dogs


In addition to home games and contact with the outdoors, there are different interactive toys on the market that allow our dog's intelligence to develop. They are usually used to train dogs in a way that stimulates their senses and their memory.