Hiring an App Development Company vs. Freelancers
Hiring an App Development Company vs. Freelancers
Usually many users get confused as whome to hire, app development company or freelancer

In today’s highly competitive market, a business needs better ideas/business strategies. For mobile app development businesses, staying ahead of the curve is challenging. One vital component is using the Internet's power and web-based solutions. 


With a significant presence on the web, i.e., investing more in online engagements, an app development niche stands strong among others in the mobile app market. Hence, choosing the right option for climbing the success tree is required. 


Moreover, with the explosion of research and development in the smartphone’s hardware and ‌related software to develop software/apps, they are way more powerful, and people are going crazy to have these devices.   


And since a smartphone is today’s necessity to run other businesses and daily tasks, it has pushed mobile app development to new heights.  


Thus, app development companies are seeking ways to develop mobile apps with cost-effective but futuristic solutions that result in better return of investments (ROIs). 


It doesn’t matter whether you are new to this business and would decide to hire freelancers to develop apps or a decade old mobile app development company with full-time app developers, all you need is a strategic plan and deep market research to make a space in the mobile app development industry. 


So, before hiring a Mobile app development company or freelance mobile app developers, perform a strong market research to gather data. It will help you navigate the mobile app development journey. 

This short blog post is all about helping you decide whether you should go for freelance mobile development or an experienced mobile app development company. 


But before moving ahead, let's see what’s on the table for you in this article:


  • What is freelancing and its benefit if incorporated into the mobile app business?
  • Factors influencing the selection of a freelance app developer vs. an app development company
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of hiring freelance app developers vs. an app development company

What is freelancing and its benefit if incorporated into the mobile app business?

The main objective of using freelancing in any business is to get Mobility. Because freelancers are tech-savvy, i.e., they use the internet, emailing, and other tech very efficiently, bringing the freedom of doing work in unconventional ways. 


Hence, freelancing results in mobility. However, it has drawbacks like lack of understanding of the problem and inconsistencies in developing the required solution.  


Anyway, it would be a different topic altogether to discuss freelancing, our today's goal is to understand freelancing and its advantages in the mobile app development business. 


So, freelancing for mobile app developers means being free to live and work where they wish and may also travel while freelancing. The benefit of freelancing in this business is you get to choose a variety of freelance app developers to take on new projects and rise above all constantly. 


Now, let’s discuss factors that influence the decision in picking an App Development Firm or freelance app developer. These factors will help you balance the requirements of your business activities and the projects you take on. 


Let's begin.

Factors influencing the selection of a freelance app developer vs. an app development company

Recruit pre-screened Staff/Specialists


Hiring such specialists means you don’t have to invest more into recruiting developers using your methodologies. 


Today, organizations have their guidelines set, and they recruit staff after much refinement and satisfaction. An individual must undergo screening in the company to get the position and understand the job role. Business organizations offer employment opportunities to applicants who meet their qualification and eligibility standards.


These criteria manage the components like the training and communication abilities. Let's assume you go to enlist freelancers, and the odds are rare. It’s a clear difference when confused about whom to hire. Finishing your work from a specialist could bring a genuine hustle.


Besides, you should remember that everyone can't create a great and successful mobile application. Hence, doing more research and finding those who can do the job with little help is recommended.

Best-in-Class Services


Application development firms can screen applicants after consulting with their existing employees. It is essential since it influences the office environment too. It enhances the quality of work delivered by all development organizations. Alongside employees, hiring experienced freelance app developers helps all Mobile Application Development Agencies to finish the project quickly.


The freelance mobile application developers may have good educational qualifications. But not all usually have insights and ideas into working with brands. Likewise, freelancers occasionally take on various tasks that influence the project output.


Because they don't have a team dealing with the clients’ project, they are 1 to 3 individuals working from their different spots at max. A Mobile Application Development firm can make other teams work together on discrete projects using their agile methodologies. They can deal with deadlines in better ways.



When you hire a mobile app development firm for undertaking your projects, the firm handles it all. Various application development organizations concentrate on project completion ahead of time. They select their mobile app developers/employees as per your requirements. 


Moreover, App Development Organizations deal with every factor connected with app development projects. Likewise, they know the capability of every software developer for a specific project.


But, freelancers accept any project offer they receive. If you realize your freelancer is reliable, you can get a great result. Many freelancers complete their activities by putting in a great effort. Hence, it becomes challenging. 



The location/area is critical when picking a firm or Freelance Developers. It is tough to check the work if you are remotely working with a freelance app developer. You need to depend on any data provided by the concerned person.


That’s a reality, which likewise applies to an organization/firm you hire for development. If the organization is situated far, you might get what you expect if you put your time and money into specific gatherings with the team. Great application development organizations have decent resources and fixed points of contact.


Moreover, it handles all the communication work. That point can keep you updated with the progress to have the correct information. And hence, this makes the monitoring work easier for you while your app is getting developed. Does it now sound logical? It does, right?


Additionally, it is generally answerable for all the correspondence work. That point can keep you refreshed with the advancement of every task so that you can have the correct data and info. So, this makes the checking work easier for you while your application gets created.

Consistency in quality or services


Concerning the outcome, application development organizations work with full responsibilities. If you pay an organization, the item you get will be a counterpart for your needs. Mobile application development organizations will put their best workers relying on a project.


With freelancers, you benefit from end-product changes as per your necessities. You can call attention to the particular subtleties you need to change in the outcome. In any case, this becomes dangerous considering the time it will take.



It influences picking a Freelancer or Agency trouble. Mobile app development organizations have a fixed and stable valuing and pricing model. These organizations further put an expense depending on the project's time.

You pay a high amount to get your application worked per your requirements. There is no decent section for valuing and pricing recruiting freelancer app developers. Various elements change the expense of hiring a freelancer to build your application. 


According to Clutch, the average cost range for agency app development is $30,000–$700,000. And hiring freelancers costs USD 543 median cost for a completed project.


Hence, freelancers are less expensive because of the opposition they face. Therefore, you can hire a specialist freelance developer for your application project. 

Flexibility factor


The flexibility factors get considered while investing in getting your mobile application developed. You must disregard flexibility when working with an experienced mobile application development company. Because of their consistency, organizations don't work on the flexibility factor. Thus, you can't expect an organization to convey the task as your necessities show.


But, freelancers are way more flexible than agencies. Freelance app developers are prepared to finish the development work as required from your end. Besides that, it costs you way less to have what you desire. 



Suppose you recruit a freelancer for your development work.  There are chances that they won't create/develop it on time. With the propensity of taking all that comes, freelancers face issues with availability.


Regarding accessibility, mobile application development companies are generally accessible and valuable. The better accessibility of organizations is because of the administration and management. Organizations handle their activities in the absolute and most productive ways.



Risk is another variable when working with a freelancer with little app-building expertise. The gamble is more prominent when you work with freelancers.


Besides that, there are chances that the individual you recruit won't commit an error. You can't say anything about freelancers until you have had working experiences.


Development firms or organizations offer risk-free insight and experiences. The challenging variable is negligible with an expert team and by and large staff.

Security & Data privacy 


Both developers and users consider security & data privacy a basic necessity since security & data issues can lead to a problematic mobile app development experience. 


However, when developing secure mobile applications, a trusted mobile application development company provides better solutions than freelancers. 

Reliable companies providing mobile app development services stick to the relevant security practices.


Despite businesses’ increasing reliance on freelancers, independent contractors, and agencies, most companies don’t consider non-payroll talent when addressing data security.


Now let's see the advantages and disadvantages of hiring an App Development Company vs. Freelance app developers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of hiring freelance app developers vs. an app development company

App Development Company


  • Expertise
  • Full cycle of services
  • Clear deadline
  • Better Maintenance & support
  • Reputation & Customer Care


  • Higher prize
  • No flexibility
  • Few legal terms
  • Sometimes poor management

Freelance app developers


  • Less cost
  • Wide choice
  • Usually expert in the specific area
  • Flexible
  • No legal confusion


  • Quality of work
  • Time duration
  • May suddenly disappear
  • No maintenance and support
  • Confidentiality concerns


Hence, if you are considering the above factors, I’m sure they are to assist you in making the right decision for you. Thus, whom you pick between both relies upon your business necessities.


So, if you are flexible and concerned about prices, you can hire freelancer app developers. And if you need proper fulfillment of your task, you ought to go with a trustable app development company.