How Does WhatsApp Clone Benefits In Business Immensely?
How Does WhatsApp Clone Benefits In Business Immensely?
Nowadays, WhatsApp is a messaging application that is used all around the world. WhatsApp is a social media messaging app which allows millions of users to text, voice message, voice calls, video calls, and share images.

As WhatsApp is a successful app, WhatsApp attracts several entrepreneurs and business people to create a WhatsApp clone. This makes the
WhatsApp Clone App development a familiar one. 

This blog explains the benefits of the WhatsApp clone application which helps interaction between the users. To establish your own online messaging app in a short time period, a clone script will be a perfect choice. Some of the features are discussed below.

Top Beneficiary Features in WhatsApp Clone:

Trioangle provides you with a WhatsApp Clone application with the below-given features that will make contact between the users easy and simple. They are:

Private Chat

The users can interact with others in the personalized chat with this feature quickly and easily, the user can not only send a text message but also can send and receive images, documents, videos, and PDF.

Group Chat

The users can interact with a group of people in the group chat by creating a group in which the admin has the access to join people in the group and kick out users from the group. There can also be multiple admins in the group. The group chat allows a bunch of people to interact in the group which will be viewed by all the members of the group.

Advanced Search

The advanced search option helps the user to search contacts with whom they want to chat. By clicking the contact or search option we can see the files shared between us. This also shows the common groups in which both are participants.


The status option enables the user to post images, videos, texts, and links that will be visible to their contacts. The user also has a privacy setting and decides who can see his status and who must not see the posted status. The status posted will be visible for only 24 hours from the time of posting. The user can see the number of views and can delete it if required.

Audio Calls

This feature helps the user to save money as we can make calls all around the world, at free of cost. The audio call makes use of the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to the contacts that are saved in the mobile.

Video Calls

This feature enables the users to connect to their friends virtually and it is applicable all over the world but the basic requirement for good quality video is high-speed internet. The user can speak only to the contacts that are saved on the mobile.

Positive Aspects of WhatsApp Clone From Trioangle

To start a business we need to know something about the WhatsApp Clone business options and some are explained below.

Business Profile

The Business profile requires an address, business description, email address, and website, which will provide helpful information to the customers. A business account gives the company an identity that helps the user to gain loyalty. 

Quick Replies

Quick replies will absolutely impress the user, this lets us save and reuse messages that are frequently used so that it will be easy to answer a common question quickly. By pressing the “/” on the keyboard we can quickly select the answer and send it to the user.

Automated Message

WhatsApp for business enables the creation of a greeting message, which the users will receive when they start chatting with us or after 14 days of inactivity. This makes the customer feel warm and will be a potential customer.


Catalogues allow your business to show your goods to the users, which makes it easy to browse and check products that they are interested in. for each item in the catalogue, you can add information like price, description, and product code. This helps the customer to ask about the product from the same app instead of stretching from another application.

Interactive Messages:

Interactive buttons make the customer experience smoother and there are two types of interacting. One is the user will get a call from the support team, and the other is the quick reply which need not be typed, and by clicking the predefined options.

How to Get It?

In this competitive world, we have to stay ahead of our customers in means of technology and service. If you want to exceed your competitors, you should choose the best WhatsApp clone script. 

Trioangle provides the Best WhatsApp Clone Script with all the beneficiary features as mentioned in the blog, which will make you the best in the market for sure. We customize the application as per the needs of entrepreneurs and deliver on time.

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