How Do You Choose The Right Waxing Treatment For Sensitive Skin
How Do You Choose The Right Waxing Treatment For Sensitive Skin
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Conventional wax is composed of various fats, oils, and other produced substances that are sufficient for the majority of waxing consumers. A customer with extremely sensitive skin, who will typically be aware of it, should be waxed with only organic wax to avoid irritation and/or bacterial infection.


You will find that following a waxing; the hair follicles are exposed and become open to invasion by bacteria and the development of infection. The open follicle can result in bleeding and irritation damage to the surrounding tissue. Organic wax uses natural oils free of chemicals and other possible irritants, thereby minimizing the likelihood of such irritations.


Added consideration should be the effectiveness of the wax. Clients with coarse or dense hair may require a more powerful wax. This may affect the type of wax used. The client's hair type skin type should be considered before deciding the most appropriate and effective type of wax for each client.


It would likely be the best option for spas to offer clients both a traditional wax, which is more cost-conscious organic wax for those clients who have sensitive skin. It is also acceptable to use wax strips for removing unwanted hair. Hot wax is a guaranteed way of pulling out all unwanted hair.


There is cold wax as well. There are different varieties of wax, some with multiple ingredients and additives. It is a good idea to consult an experienced aesthetician to find out about the wax that suits you better.


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