Buy Car Dashboard Idols Online at Best Prices From Akar Accessories
Buy Car Dashboard Idols Online at Best Prices From Akar Accessories
Premium Car Dashboard Idols Online in India. Shop amazing ganesh idols for car dashboard, god idols for car at lowest prices @Akar Accessories.

A Spiritual Beginning With Car Dashboard God Idols



A car dashboard is like an artist’s arcade, the reflection of the owner’s class and taste. Car accessories are a bridge to connect the dashboard and the driver, as it has the maximum interaction amongst all the car accessories with the person driving the car.

The accessories for car dashboard should be of an optimum choice as you kick start your daily drive by first interacting with an integral part of car – your dashboard and if it is decorated with a God Statue, your everyday can have a blissful start.

Placing God Idols on dashboard infuses good energy and vitalizes the ambience with positive vibes.

Explore Wide Range OF Car Dashboard Idols Online

ndia, a land of Gods, numerous cultures and different beliefs but the common chain which binds the whole country is faith in God and the belief of starting a day spiritually by seeking divine blessings.

At Akar Accessories, we believe and respect all religions, so have come up with an amazing range of God Idols curated for car dashboard decoration. Being perfect in size and finish, these God statues for car are an ideal choice for your or your loved one’s car interior. The choice of car dashboard showpiece you make, changes the whole scene of your car interior.

So decorate your art gallery with the finest decorations and make your car dashboard a picture perfect one.

The car dashboard should possess accessories to make it a luxuriously convenient and mess-free panel to look at and adding personal touch to it by placing a car dashboard murti of your belief is the best thing one can do to upscale the interior and make the place your second home.

The array of Akar car dashboard idols includes different sized god idols, acrylic frame god idols, and metal idols for car. The dashboard idol range starts from Hindu god idols, Sikh god car idols to Allah car idols, all of them made with one vision to create a celestial ambiance in your car.

A Divine Start With Lord Ganesha For Car Dashboard

Work is worship!!!! and it is considered auspicious to worship Lord Ganesha before starting any new work, so seek blessings from lord by making a space for car idol Ganesha.

The small ganesha idol for car is of impeccable dimensions that do not obstruct your view while driving and god’s divine blessings are always bestowed on you as this radiant gold plated ganesha idol by Akar accessories will be in front of your eyes to make your mind and soul tranquilised.

Amplify your car interior accessories with our stone studded stylish ganesha murti, composed with premium metal that wouldn’t oxidise and will shine bright with colours of elegance and regality.

Lord Shiva For Car Dashboard

Adiyogi Shiva Idol

Traditionally elegant, the dashboard showpiece for car is matte black in color and this adiyogi car dashboard accessory has a wide stable base that facilitates good adherence for a strong bond with you and your car dashboard.

As black color is said to absorb negative energy, the lord shiva car idol is an epitome of calmness and grace. Composed with resin and formulated with spell-bound charm, the poise this God murti for car dashboard holds is sight-holding. Available in two sizes medium and large, make them yours for a religiously fashionable dashboard.

Devotion God Idols For Car Dashboard

A symbol of equanimity, Lord Jesus blesses his devotees with a calm and composed mind. Seek his blessings by installing this dashboard showpiece for car.

Akar Accessories has made the Jesus god idol with the finest poly-marble and painted it in white color, which in whole creates a serene aura and the perfectly carved features of Jesus car idol will surely hypnotize you to purchase it today itself. Throw out all the anxieties from the car window and relax your mind and soul with this red pearl string embellished car god idol.

Sai Baba Idol For Car

Tranquillise your car interior with our White Sai Baba Idol for car. This God Idol accessories will surely conceal all the negativities around you and will add volume to your dashboard appearance.

Fabricated with the luxury poly marble and a calming gesture and topped with a flawless finish makes it a perfect dashboard decoration item.

Lord Venkateshwara Tirupati Balaji Idol Figurine

Just a glance and you will be amused by the beauty of our exclusively designed balaji idol for car dashboard. This handcrafted car dashboard idol is a perfect combination of sophistication and sturdiness in black, red, white and translucent white pearls and the seamless finish with sound texture is a treat to eyes.

Lord Hanuman Ji Car Idol

Hanuman ji has been admired for his great powers and it is a strong belief that hanuman ji idols ward off evil spirits and if placed on a car dashboard, it safeguards the vehicle from any mishappenings. A favourite amongst car owners and another famous name is maruti god idol. Seek his miraculous blessings by keeping hanuman ji idol for dashboard in car and feel the powerful and fearless vibes created by the car idol. Available in many forms and shapes, the choice is yours which one to decorate on your car dash.

Lord Buddha Car Idol

Majestic is the word for lord Budhha. From cute looking to enlightenment postures, the Buddha god car idols are available in numerous designs but all of them depict one message to be composed. So bring the symbol of wealth for your car dashboard and make way for abundance coming to your life with his blessings.

Lord God Murugan Car Idol

According to Vastu Shastra, keeping this symbol of intellect and wisdom is considered auspicious, like lord genesis idol, god murugan idol is also prayed before staying any new endeavour. Make your car vastu compliant and bring in the positivity with Murugan idol for front dash of car.

Radha Krishna Idol For Car

A symbol of love and wealth, Radha Krishna idol for car dashboard is considered to bring good omen in life. It is becoming a favourite God Idol amongst young car owners, adorning your car dashboard with the symbol of bliss and prosperity.

Choose the best car dashboard idols from a wide range by Akar Accessories, the brand offers an urbane choice of dashboard decorations and other utility car dashboard accessories like car perfume, leather tissue box, car dash toys and many more car interior accessories.

Hanuman ji for car dashboard idols