Analog Matters: Your direct connection to the best possible sound from your turntable.
Analog Matters: Your direct connection to the best possible sound from your turntable.
Inside Analog Matters
It all begins with a passion. Once you’ve been captured by the Audio Bug it won’t let go. From High Quality gear to professional turntable setup and the best advice in the industry Analog Matters fills all your needs.

Analog Matters: Your direct connection to the best possible sound from your turntable.

 As time continues to move forward some things never change. Anyone who’s ever experienced a great Hi-End Audio system will tell you that there is something special about the magic sound they can produce.


Analog Matters is the culmination of over 50 years as an Audiophile and Music Lover. The roots were firmly established in the ’70s when Steve (me) took his first job in a then very high-end audio store. After the creation of Hi Fi Farm in 1983, there was no looking back. Hi Fi Farm was in operation for 25 years as one of North America’s leading Hi-Fidelity Audio Stores. When we closed the store and retired to Florida we continued to serve the over 15,000 customers that the Farm acquired over the years. I just couldn’t stay away from having another Brick and Mortar store so we established Palmetto Audio Video and continued to offer top-quality products to a local and national audience.


With the recession of the 2000’s we decided to venture into the show business, Stereophile, who had produced shows for years but with the times ceased to do so, appeared to open a window of opportunity and we just couldn’t resist. I and Andrew Spaulding decided to establish AXPONA and the rest is history as they say. AXPONA grew to be the largest show in North America and we sold it to JD Events in 2013. I stayed on as a consultant until June of this year (2021) and have now decided to go full steam ahead in the retail and distribution business once more. Let me also mention that we began a distribution company in 1996 and proceeded to establish a base of fine retailers.


As you can see we have a treasure trove of experience and would be honored to help you with your audio needs. Please feel free to contact us we are always available to assist you with your needs for equipment recommendations and services such as professional turntable setup.


Happy listening and please stay safe as you listen to your favorite tunes.


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