Why are Snake Plants Considered the Hardiest Indoor Plant?
Why are Snake Plants Considered the Hardiest Indoor Plant?
Confused about choosing the most suitable indoor plant for your home garden o office space? Know why snake plants always top the list among planters.

The list of the best indoor plants is very long. However, people nowadays look for the easiest options due to lack of time. Not everyone is a green thumb these days. Growing plants need a lot of care and attention. If you are looking for the best option for your home and office, then there are many plants that will be a great fit. Among them, snake plants or Sansevieria are considered the hardiest plants. Most common as Mother-in-law’s tongue, the plant can tolerate all types of weather conditions and less-frequent watering sessions. Let us have a look at the most common properties of the plant that makes it one the hardiest indoor plant:

Versatile nature

There can be no better reason to prefer this plant more. Snake Plants work tremendously both inside and outside. Whether you want to grow them in ceramic pots or in the ground, they will always thrive at their best. Sansevieria are preferred highly by indoor planters due to their versatile nature. No matter how harsh the weather is, these can easily tolerate all conditions without much effort.

It comes in different sizes.

The major reason behind the massive popularity of the Snake plant is its variety of sizes. Snake plants come in different sizes, whether you need a plant for your tabletop or a beautiful fit for your bathroom window. From large to small, you get a range of heights for the plant. They are mostly preferred for office space due to their wide variety of sizes and shapes.

NASA approved plant

Sansevieria is listed among the Indoor Plants approved by NASA for their air-purifying nature. Due to their air-purifying nature, NASA has included the plant in their list. If you want to include a plant that can remove the harmful components for your indoor air, then it is the best option. They help eliminate substances like Formaldehyde and Benzene from the air around you. That is why it is considered the best plant for your indoors.

Drought-resistant nature

Another reason why the plant is considered the hardiest indoor plant is its drought-resistant nature. These plants are an excellent option for those who don’t have a green thumb in gardening and cannot easily remember daily watering sessions. Sansevieria can go on for days without catering, even in hot summers. You can check the top layer of the soil to see whether it is dry. Until then, it does not require too much watering.