Renovating your home for $100K or less
Renovating your home for $100K or less
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When you plan a kitchen remodeling or bathroom renovation, the first thing that comes to mind is the budget. While there are many factors that will influence your cost, your best starting point is speaking to a home renovation company TorontoIn fact, it is even more desirable that you speak to multiple service providers so that you can gain from their experience before working out a feasible budget for the task on hand. At times, it may be desirable to plan your home renovation in installments rather than taking on all items of the planned work in one go.


Kitchen remodeling is a popular choice when you plan a home renovation and it is important that you find a home renovation company Toronto that has the required expertise and experience to execute the job for you at an affordable cost. 


Planning your budget


How you plan your home renovation and create the budget will determine if you can complete the task within $100K or less. You must first gain an outside idea of what you need to get done and then discuss your needs with the service providers like a home renovation company Toronto. Most service providers will be happy to assess the scope of work and provide you with a quote after visiting your home. At this point, you may not yet spend any money, but you will be able to compare different quotes and gain a deeper understanding of the task at hand. Comparing the quotes will also help you draw up a reasonable budget and prune it if need be in consultation with the chosen home renovation company Toronto. You should also understand that there are several variables in a home renovation job. If you are focused on a bathroom renovation and kitchen remodeling, your cost can peg below $100K and if you also plan to get your whole house painted as part of your home renovation, then the cost might exceed $100K. Thus, depending on your exact needs, your costs would fluctuate. 


Single service provider or multiple service providers


Your home renovation can be achieved through a single agency like a home renovation company Toronto or through multiple service providers. At times, this can be a smart move though most people may not want to coordinate the work of different agencies in person. Therefore, you should consider whether you have the required time and some expertise to handle different types of workmen. The benefit of working with a single service provider is that you can have a written document detailing the responsibilities of the service provider, the timeline for completion, the cost, and the legal aspects of the job including insurance.


Why do you need the home renovation?


This is a crucial part of the whole exercise. If you are renovating your home to continue living there, you are spending on enhancing your own comfort and convenience. On the other hand, if you are renovating your home with the idea of selling the home in the near future, you should also know how the renovation job can enhance the value of the property and how much. In most instances, when you spend on renovating your home just for selling it, you are more likely to recover the cost of your renovation and perhaps even a premium.


What are your priorities?


Check with your home renovation company Toronto if they have any package offers like basement work and painting, patio beautification, etc, and see if such packages align with your needs and expectations. There are more complex renovation tasks like strengthening the roof or enhancing the structural strength. Obviously, these are more extensive and expensive tasks and therefore you should spend more time on researching your options and finding the right service provider to execute these tasks. 


Structural infirmities would first surface in the form of cracks on your walls and if you notice these cracks at several points around your home, you should immediately contact a home renovation company Toronto and get the required repairs done on priority. Depending on the extent of structural damages, you may also need the services of a certified structural engineer to guide the process of carrying out the repairs.