The Effects of Interior Design on Our Mental Health
The Effects of Interior Design on Our Mental Health
Home is our comfort zone, a place where we find peace and good vibes, so house designs play a vital role in how it makes us feel. Read on to learn about house designs sunshine coast.

After a long, tiring day at work, we head towards our home to experience profound relaxation leaving all the worries outside the door. Whenever we are upset, our instincts tell us to go home, where we can find spirituality and social protection.

We spend most of our lives in our house, from a teenager to an adult to an old human. Our house sets the stage for many meaningful and memorable moments in our life. Many things in life are not in our hands, but our home is something where everything is of our choice. Kids fill their room with their favourite toys to give them a personalized touch. Some studies state that we feel more emotionally attached to customized things. So it is crucial that our custom home brisbane is comfortable, supportive and emits positive vibes. 

How does house design improve mental health?

Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health problems. However,  custom homes brisbane offers house designs that aim to reduce stress. Creating spaces for being together and apart improves mental health and uplifts mood. E.g., Sometimes the warmth and love of family and friends help you to get rid of your problems, and sometimes you want to stay alone to figure out a way out of your problems. Many businesses pay particular attention to the office's interior because they believe perfect colour, lighting and artwork can boost employee motivation. Workers' creativity and efficiency are enhanced, increasing their satisfaction in the workplace.

Here are a few things you should consider before designing a house :

1) Presence of natural light

A room with the perfect lighting is a sight to behold. Sunlight uplifts your mood and boosts motivation and happiness. Less natural light can make you feel tired and anxious. Studies show that people using artificial lights during work are less productive and creative than people using natural light. When choosing a house designs sunshine coast, it is crucial to see that your house is getting enough sunlight. So there must be an adequate amount of windows and doors for light to easily pass through.

2) Spaciousness of rooms 

Studies suggest that a spacious house elevates the mood. People's creativeness is enhanced in places with higher ceilings. Less spacious areas feel congested and suffocating, killing the work vibe. Clean and open homes with minimal mess facilitate better mood. With proper design, luxury home designers can achieve a sense of openness in the house. Furniture placement, storage space and colour schemes play a significant role in making our home spacious, open and airy. So choose a house design that fulfils all your requirements.

3) Four elements of nature

Man always aims to bring the calmness and beauty of nature into their life. Water, fire, wind and metal are four elements of nature. Sunlight, plants, and flowers are natural elements that are the best add-ons in the house designs. We celebrate nature in our house through various things like fountains and pools honour the water. Windows and fans bring in the fresh air. Fireplaces and candles bring in the fire. Different metals like silver, iron, wood and stone represent elements of the earth.

4) Colourful interior

An element that is most impactful on our mental health is colour. Research shows that the spectrum of colours affects different body parts. Light colours have a relaxing effect; they are soothing for the body, and bright colours make us feel irritated. For ex-, Red is associated with violence and anxiety, but a lighter tone of Red or pink is soothing and energizing. Yellow and orange are warm colours, while blue is a cool colour. So while choosing your house designs, use colours that soothe your eyes and make you feel peaceful.

5) Unique artwork

Art has a positive impact on your mood and improves mental health. But some art leaves a negative effect on you. People's reaction to art is wholly based on their personal choice and experiences. Art at custom homes brisbane will make your home more welcoming and refreshing. The art doesn't need to be expensive only; inexpensive print work can also be beautiful and soothing. You can use different art forms to decorate your houses, such as sculptures, ceramics, glassware and pottery. Creative artwork that suits your house interior can reduce anxiety and feelings of loneliness. We appreciate the beauty and things that are unique. Even babies respond to certain types of colours and shapes.


We all want a house that makes us feel welcome and protected. If you don't feel peaceful at home, it's time to change your house designs. Whether your house is tiny or enormous, luxury home designers like Ausmar can make some simple changes in your interior that will uplift your mood. Reach out for more.


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