10 Rules For Real Estate Investment In Manikonda
10 Rules For Real Estate Investment In Manikonda
With all of the favourable steps taken by the Government of Hyderabad and its citizens, the real estate sector in Hyderabad is looking up. In terms of foreign investments, Hyderabad has recently overshadowed Bengaluru. The residential communities in Manikonda, Hyderabad have witnessed a sudden increase in demand.

Why invest in Real Estate in Hyderabad:


Many signs of economic and political stability have emerged since the newly formed state’s new government took office.  With renewed zeal, Hyderabad’s real estate developers have begun to come up with new projects.

The last five years have been excellent for real estate investment in Hyderabad and its surrounding districts. We would like to present you five reasons to invest in Hyderabad today:

  • Increase of projects: With the spike in real estate investment in Hyderabad, many investors have chosen Hyderabad to be their suitable project area. Investing in this city means choosing from a wide variety. 
  • Public Infrastructure: New apartments and flats have been coming up with prime locations surrounded by excellent infrastructure. From educational institutions to IT and Financial companies, you have it all near you.
  • Property Prices: Compared to other metropolitan cities, Hyderabad property prices seem to be extremely affordable. 
  • Employment Options: As Hyderabad has the emerging IT HUB, this directly increases the employment rate of the city. With many companies opening their offices, they look for employees. 
  • Transport Connectivity: Gone are those days when buying property outside the main city seemed to be a hustle. Hyderabad has concentrated on its transport connectivity and has proved to make it really convenient for people.

Why Manikonda? 


Manikonda is one such location that is rapidly emerging and has shown a high rate of growth in terms of returns over the last few years. It is regarded as one of the most desirable areas for real estate investment in Hyderabad.

People usually prefer to live in a property that is close to their workplace. Manikonda is near IT hotspots such as Gachibowli, Raheja Park, Shaikpet, Hitech City, and Nanakramguda (Financial District). Among IT professionals in these areas, Manikonda is considered the best place to buy a home.

Rules of Real Estate Investing:


Below are the 10 rules you need to follow when you decide to invest in Real Estate:

  1. Knowledge is key: Power comes from knowledge. The more you know, the better decisions you’ll be able to make in life, and this applies to more than just real estate investing. You shouldn’t let others dictate your decisions or steer you in the wrong direction. Find out for yourself, arm yourself with knowledge, and trust your instincts.
  2. Investment Goals: Investing in goals helps you map out an action plan for achieving financial independence. Writing down specific and detailed goals is statistically far more likely to lead to financial independence than doing nothing at all.

Your objectives may include the number of properties you need to acquire each year, the annual cash flow generated by each, the type of property, and the location of each. You may also want to set parameters for the required rates of return.

  1. Long-Term Investments: Explore the real estate market and the numbers to evaluate where investing makes the most sense and then invest accordingly. Before you jump on the investment, consider the cash flow, equity in the property, and appreciation potential of any real estate venture. Keeping an eye on the current market is imperative if you’re flipping houses, which is almost always done for quick profits.
  2. Networking is Necessary: Although self-research is important, however, for you to understand the market from a broader perspective, it is important for you to network with people in the same domain.

Connecting with as many people as possible is always good. It helps you understand your choices and the financial difference in each area and property.

  1. Top-Down Approach: Always begin by identifying the best real estate markets that match your investment objectives. Most investors begin by analysing properties without regard for their location. This can be a costly mistake if you do not consider the investment in the context of the market and neighbourhood.
  2. Location: Understanding the location you intend to invest in is extremely essential. Choosing a suitable location does not mean choosing something that is nice only on the surface. The location of a good property is determined by its surroundings, the return on investment, the development of the area, and its future.
  3. Invest in constant cash flow: It is always a good idea to purchase an investment property that generates positive cash flow, with a few exceptions. The higher the number, the better. Your cash-on-cash return is proportional to your property’s pre-tax cash flow.

 The “glue” that holds your investment together is cash flow. Your equity will grow over time (due to appreciation and loan amortisation), while cash flow will cover your property’s operating expenses and debt service.

  1. Language and Culture: Hyderabad is another growing IT Hub of India. Due to this reason, people from across the country have been residing here. Although the major population of the city is Telugu and Urdu speaking, however, you will also find people from various cultures.
  2. Smart Investment: When investing in real estate, you frequently have the option of either purchasing a single property for its full value or putting down a fraction of the cost on multiple properties for the same amount.
  3. Demographics: By 2022, Hyderabad has become a  major metropolis with a population of approximately 1,026,99,000 people. These figures are likely to rise in line with the 2.65% annual growth rate. Because of its large population, the city is the fourth-most populous country.

Flats for Sale in Manikonda:


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