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E-gyaan is an online learning platform that offers you online classes for students from class 1st to 12th. We provide CBSE sample papers, NCERT solutions, NCERT E-books and much more.

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    English Online Classes for Class 1-12 Students

    E-gyaan offers you online video lectures of English for CBSE class 1-12 Stu...

    • Devyani Dey

    Class 11th Physics - Simple Harmonic Motion and Uniform...

    We're back with another online lesson, this time for Class 11th Physics - O...

    • Devyani Dey

    E-Gyaan Online Crash Courses

    E-Gyaan is offering crash courses for class 9th to 12th. These courses con...

    • Devyani Dey

    E-Gyaan Online Classes for CBSE Students

    E-Gyaan is an e-learning platform that provides online learning courses for...

    • Devyani Dey