Muffin Boxes for Sale
Muffin Boxes for Sale
Whether you want to create a custom-made muffin box or simply order a standard one, we can design a product to fit your needs. Muffin boxes come in different shapes and sizes and can be shaped into a cube, a rectangle with cavity inserts, or even a tulip with a handle. They should have lids that are easy to open, and the interior and exterior of the bespoke box can be laminated or coated for greater aesthetic effects.

Muffin Boxes for Sale

Custom Muffin Boxes

In a world where the presentation of food is important, custom muffin boxes can do the trick. High-standard packaging conveys the quality of the food to the consumer. However, a cheap-looking box is not likely to impress a consumer. Fortunately, the custom box industry has made it easy for you to create the best-looking boxes for your muffins. Cardboard and Kraft material are both well-deployed in the creation of muffin boxes. You can choose Custom boxes that contain just one muffin or a variety of muffins in a single box. You can choose to include window patches, custom printing, and relevant finishing options so that your product is beautifully packaged for your unique brand.

Food grade materials

The best muffin boxes are made from food-grade materials. If you are looking to buy muffin boxes for sale, make sure you check their material and confirm if it is food grade. Generally, the best materials for muffin boxes are Kraft paper and its food-grade window cake box. You can also choose from the popular Kraft 6 cupcake box. However, the most important thing to consider is the material's price. When you're buying muffin boxes for sale, make sure you spend as much as you can afford.

Vegetable-based inks

Vegetable-based inks for your muffin boxes are more environmentally friendly than petroleum-based inks. These links are made with common vegetable oils like soybeans, linseed, canola, and safflower. They are relatively clear and do not contribute to the formation of greenhouse gases. These inks also require less solvent than petroleum-based inks, making them a great choice for environmentally conscious manufacturers.


Muffin boxes can come in many different shapes, from a rectangular box with a cavity insert to a tulip shape with a handle. They can also be made to include a lid for easy picking. There are several different ways to customize your muffin boxes, including interior lamination, laminated exterior, and customizable lids. There is a shape for every need, and there are even options for custom designs that will make your muffin boxes unique.


You have probably seen several different types of muffin boxes before. A nine-muffin box is usually placed in a beautifully designed tray. There are also other types of boxes, including jumbo and mini varieties. Larger muffin pans are usually packaged in a box designed for fifty or more muffins. Window muffin boxes allow you to showcase different sizes of muffins. Some boxes even have handles for easy picking. Whatever size you need, there is a muffin box to fit it.