Find Out More About Custom Cigarette Packaging. | SirePrinting
Find Out More About Custom Cigarette Packaging. | SirePrinting
When we stopped at the department store while traveling on the highway, the aisle of custom printed cigarette cartons drew my eye. Two weeks ago, I was driving from one state to another to cover a story.

My crew and I needed to travel on the highway. We were all thrilled about reporting the news as we were leaving. But, after spending two weeks on the road, in hotels, and covering the story, we were exhausted and simply wanted to get home. I could feel myself fading out, and after a few hours, the only thing that drew my attention was the colors of the Custom Cigarette Packaging on the shop shelf. As I sat at the table, eating my sandwich and drinking my coffee, I wondered if the colors on these printed cigarette cartons had any significance.

Smokers all over the world can choose from a variety of cigarettes. Although smoking is harmful to one's health, it has become a habit for many people. Among the several cigarette types are:

  • Bidis 

  • Cigars

  • Cigarettes with cloves

  • E-cigarettes (Electronic Cigarettes)

  • Herbal cigarettes hookahs

  • Cigarettes with menthol

  • Cigarettes of ordinary quality

Cigarettes are consumed in some form or another by people all around the world. Almost all cigarette packages have a flip-top lid. To open the box, they have a cover that can be opened at a 180-degree angle. It showed the Custom Cigarette Packaging in retail stores, frequently in counter display boxes where individually packaged boxes could be seen. Brands will sometimes pay for shelf display boxes to catch the attention of shoppers.

What Message Do The Colors Of Printed Cigarette Packaging Convey To Customers?

Most cigarette brands adhere to a color-based pattern or universal code. This type of color-coding assists clients in determining the strength of the tobacco and tar. White, silver, gold, yellow, and blue cigarette packages are thought to be lighter and hence less dangerous.

We believe that the darker and warmer hues on these Custom Cigarette Packaging are more dangerous due to larger concentrations of tar, tobacco, nicotine, and so on. These colors include red, black, and others.

It is vital to understand that underage cigarette sales are illegal in practically every country on the planet. The following are some of the health risks related with smoking:

  • Stroke

  • Fertility decline

  • Babies born prematurely or with defects

  • Cancer of the Lungs

  • Cardiovascular Diseases

  • COPD Diabetes (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

  • Asthma, etc.

Health care providers encourage their patients to quit smoking in order to lower the risks of these issues in their life.

How Brands Enhance The Appearance Of Custom Printed Cigarette Packaging

To improve the appearance of Cigarette Packaging Boxes in the United States, producers and brands utilize a variety of finishes and add-ons. Some manufacturers employ Spot UV on the visual content of their Cigarette Packaging Boxes so that the logo, image, and tagline remain visible even in low-light conditions. Spot UV is also utilized to improve the designs by adding optical illusions to the boxes. The smooth fluid-like gloss attracts attention, which aids in sales. Premium brands of cigarettes enhance the look and feel of their Cigarette Packaging Boxes with special features such as foil stamping. Silver, gold, and rose gold are used by these brands to lend metallic sheen to the lettering and other design aspects of the boxes. It aids in making these Cigarette Packaging Boxes stand out and outperform their competitors. If you are a cigarette brand looking for similar possibilities to help your brand stand out in the retail industry, make sure to check out SirePrinting's award-winning and versatile customizing tools. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.