Internationally Trained Psychotherapist Opens Counseling Center In Hyderabad
Many people in India suffer from depression and mental ailments. The good news is that recently Mr Mujeeb has opened a counseling center to confidentially treat such patients with care.

Manypeople are suffering from mental health ailments today. There are many who havestressful lives and the constant stress at workplace and in their personallives is taking a toll on their health. Growing number of youngsters andmiddle-aged people are suffering from problems like depression, anger,frustration, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, addiction problems as well asrelationship issues.


Thereis a growing need in society to train people on how to lead healthy, happy andstress-free lives. People need to learn how to keep their emotions and anger incontrol. They need to learn self-control. Many problems are cropping up to lackof self-control. These problems range from short-temper, stress disorders, OCD,eating disorders, sleeplessness etc.


Thereare many homes which are being ruined due to these disorders. There is agrowing need for a psychotherapist to help people solve their problems andimprove the quality of their lives and their relationships. If these mentalhealth issues are not addressed in an effective manner on time they may lead togreater problems.


Accordingto recent surveys India is ranked on top among the countries where depressionis very common. One of the reasons for this is that people feel reluctant totry out treatments for depression or other such issues. They are afraid ofapproaching a psychologist or psychotherapist to treat their problem.


MindOMindhas started its service in the city of Hyderabad, India. Mr Mujeeb is anexperienced psychotherapist who has studied under various experts abroad. Hehas had good success in treating mental illnesses of his past clients. As suchhe has decided to launch his services in India due to the growing need in thecountry to address such problems.


Thesymptoms of many mental illnesses may get worse if they’re left untreated.Reach out for psychological help if you or someone you know may have anypsychological issue. The treatment will be confidential and on person-to-personbasis so there is no need to feel any hesitation or shame.


Peoplehave reported good results after just few sessions. The treatment is based onmodern methods which involve NLP and other mind techniques. It is important tolearn how to relax and let go of stress and other negative, troubling thoughtsand feelings which are probably damaging your life. You need to learn how tobalance various areas of life so that you can lead a happy, healthy and stressfree life.


MrMujeeb's experience and skills can make you feel comfortable and you may soonrealise he is among the best and top psychologist & psychiatrist inHyderabad. It can be really beneficial to avail his services.


Youcan visit his website at:


Youcan also reach Mr Mujeeb by calling his mobile number: +91 - 6309648540