How Much Does A Photo shoot Cost In Delhi?
How Much Does A Photo shoot Cost In Delhi?
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How Much Does A Photo shoot Cost In Delhi?

An average photo shoots cost in Delhi ranges from 5 rupees 5000 per hour to 12500 per hour. But this wide range depends on the purpose of your photograph and the skills and popularity of the photographer. If it is even photographing should then the photoshoot cost starts from rupees 7500 and can extend up to 13000. In the case of a wedding photoshoot, the cost is quite high. Start Rs 50000 and conduct end up to 2 lacs. But in some cases, if it is an exclusive elaborate wedding photographer can also extend up to 250000. If you are interested in the minimum cost of Photography in the lead, it starts from rupees 1250.


Per hour cost the beginner photographer charges from zero to 2500 per hour. Contrarily if it is the E-commerce Photography Services Delhi NCR can start from rupees 10000 to rupees 25000. accomplishing the photoshoot in Delhi from any Army teacher or student then the power cord can range from Rupees 1215 to rupees 5000.

MJ Sunshines Studio in Delhi costs Rs. 50000 and Timewarp Films costs Rs. 40000. While Royal Wedding Affairs costs Rs. 75000. Whereas Sumit Studios costs only Rs 5000. Snap Click studio in Delhi is quite popular but costs only Rs. 8000.

BhanuWadhwan Photo or Last Cut Production in Delhi costs starts from Rs. 25000 onwards. On contrary, in Delhi, pre-wedding photoshoots can also start from only Rs 10,000 only. In midrange lies Samnar Seth Photographer, YG Photography, and Shaddi Moments with a cost between 5 to 15 thousand. Hence you can get a great variety of photoshoot range. Therefore you can choose among them at your preferred range.

Freelance Photography in Delhi starts from at least Rs. 1250 per image and can extend up to Rs 7500. But this variation is due to the expertise of the photographers and their respective experience. Besides this, they also offer exclusive discounts on their photoshoots.

Freelance Photographers set their charges according to the equipment they require in their photoshoot. Besides this, the charge also depends on the time required to accomplish the whole task. In Freelance Photography it is found that company photographers charge less. This is because they do not need to pay for their equipment and props.

However, the charges vary depending on the seasons. In peak seasons the charges of that particular photoshoot are usually high. On contrary, in offseason, the cost of photoshoots is usually quite low. But sometimes they offer to steal deals for photoshoot charges. However, these are valid for only a limited period.