Ultimate New Puppy Checklist
Ultimate New Puppy Checklist
Getting a puppy can be a thrilling experience for any family, but there’s a lot to think about and prepare for even before you decide to adopt your dog.

Our puppy checklist can assist you in getting ready for a new dog. We’ve compiled a list of the most important things to consider when considering getting a puppy, both before and after your dog arrives.

1 – ID and Tags

Any dog lover’s heart will break at the notion of a missing pet. Don’t take any chances with your puppy’s safety. Make sure he’s wearing an ID tag on his collar. Both its and your names, as well as your address and phone number, should be included.

A microchip is a modern alternative to the ID tag which is becoming increasingly popular. Microchips are tiny capsules with unique registration numbers that are placed by veterinarians without surgery. These numbers are recorded into a database that may be scanned at animal shelters, vet clinics, and humane societies all around the world. The chip will keep your puppy connected to you regardless of where he is.

Why is a microchip used?

If their puppy’s collar is lost, many pet owners today use these in addition to ID tags. If you travel with your pet or have recently relocated, a microchip can be a necessary precaution if your puppy wanders away.

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