Learn how to get emotional support animal in Illinois
Learn how to get emotional support animal in Illinois

For those dealing with these issues, an emotional support animal can help ease the burden and make life a little easier. Fortunately, obtaining an emotional support animal in Illinois is relatively simple, especially if you obtain a painless ESA letter.

Understanding the distinction between a service animal and an emotional support animal is critical. Service animals (usual dogs) have been trained to independently perform tasks people cannot do.

On the other hand, emotional support animals are not trained in specific tasks, and there are fewer restrictions on the types of animals that qualify; dogs, cats, birds, and even miniature horses can qualify as emotional support animals. The Fair Housing Act covers the legal definitions of emotional support animals in Illinois, as it does in other states. The Illinois ESA Laws protect emotional support animals and their owners when renting a living space.

Travel Laws

You have two options for bringing your ESA into an aeroplane cabin. The size of your animal determines the first. If it's small enough, it might be considered a carry-on that can be stowed under your seat. If you have a dog, you can train it to be a psychiatric service animal.

PSAs assist handlers in times of distress by performing tasks. During an anxiety attack, a PSA may ground their handler by licking, pawing, or laying on them. PSAs are considered service animals protected by the Air Carrier Access Act because they have been trained to perform specific tasks.

Employment Laws

If you have an ESA letter to show your Illinois employer, you may be permitted to bring them into the workplace. This is decided on a case-by-case basis, so if your employer does not allow an emotional support animal in the workplace, you must respect their decision.

Furthermore, the Illinois White Cane Law allows service animals to accompany their owners in specific public spaces, but this right does not extend to emotional support animals.

Housing Laws

In Illinois, the Fair Housing Act protects people who have certain types of assistance animals.

Landlords have the right, under the Fair Housing Act, to request an ESA letter when applicants request accommodations for their service animal. They are, however, limited in how and what they can ask a potential tenant. They are only permitted to inquire about the following topics:

- "Does the individual wishing to use and live with the animal have a disability (a physical or mental impairment that significantly limits one or more major life activities)?"

- Is the person making the request disabled and in need of an assistance animal? (Give a disabled person an equal opportunity to use or enjoy the dwelling)."



Additionally, landlords must abide by the following guidelines related to assistance animals:

- "Assistance animals are not subject to breed, size, or weight restrictions."

- Other than dogs, animals can serve as assistance animals.

- If the disability is not apparent, housing providers may request documentation of the disability-related need for an assistance animal.

- The decision must be based on an individualised assessment based on objective evidence about the specific animal's actual behaviour, not on mere speculation that the animal may cause harm or damage caused by other animals.

- Landlords can ask for proof of the assistance animal's current vaccination and/or licence.

- Landlords can expect the tenant to follow the complex's rules, such as picking up animal waste and maintaining the unit to the same standard as every other tenant.

- A landlord cannot impose any training or certification requirements on an assistance animal.

- A landlord cannot make the assistance animal wear or carry any special collar, harness, vest, emblem, or other means of identification.

-Pet deposits or fees are not permitted."

How to get an emotional support animal in Illinois

Fill Out the Questionnaire

This questionnaire takes about three to five minutes to complete in order to determine your eligibility for approval.

Get a Doctor’s Approval

After form submission, you have to submit your file for authorization to a licenced Illinois state-approved doctor. Doctors are available at all times, and most requests are approved within three to five minutes. Email is used to deliver official letters immediately.

Receive an ESA Letter

If you are approved, you will soon receive an email with a letter. You can also download or save the letter as evidence to show to your landlord.

Get approved for your Emotional Support Animal today.