Credelio Plus The best Treatment for Dogs
Credelio Plus The best Treatment for Dogs
Got a big dog or a smaller one? It does not matter to the smallest of parasites. They attack equally to all of them creating daily issues and major health problems. Various parasites like hookworm, whipworm, and roundworm have been the major concern of pet parents and the deadly heartworm is a fear of losing the best companion. But all can be cured, cared and protected with Credelio Plus; including various fleas.

A healthy and smooth life of a dog can be described where he is obedient, observant, cautious, care for his family and himself. And this is only possible when he is focused and not diverted by the distractions and itching caused by fleas and ticks. While all this peace can be achieved through Credelio plus Preventive.

There is a right Credelio for every size of dog to protect it from parasites.

Pink Credelio – Small and Extra Small Dogs – 2.8kg to 5.5 kg.


Orange Credelio – Medium Dogs – 5.5kg to 11kg


Green Credelio – Large Dogs – 11kg to 22kg


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