Bonding strongly with new puppy happiness
Bonding strongly with new puppy happiness
A new puppy is the biggest happiness that you would always cherish. The bond between the new dog and other family members is a treasure that we all want. “A bond is stronger than blood and the family grows stronger by bond”

It takes years for some people to create that bond while for some it is just a matter of a few days. A great bond of the Animal-Human relationship is a benefit in various things helping in stress reduction, increased internal healing, proper emotional support, and various health benefits.

The major question that arises is how to build that unbreakable bond from both ends to develop that endless love. Trust me you will have to put an extra effort to know your dog and have to keep less expectation. But, don’t worry; he will still love you the most amongst all other humans.

Understand its age: A small puppy is easy to be pampered with and trained in the manner you want. So, take that benefit and be another puppy to your puppy. And if you have adopted an adult puppy then no problem; spend as much time as you can with him and start to train him with your understanding.

Understand its breed: Not all breeds are active some are loners as well just the way humans have got introverts and extroverts. Try to understand your dog’s breed and you can always improve on his nature and make him a great communicator with you. Remember everything is possible; a quiet breed can also be a talkative pet if you train so.

Understand its history: Everyone has a past that is always present in present and impacts the future. There are various reasons for a dog to be quiet or overaggressive. You need to know everything and interpret it well to be able to analyze which areas you need to focus on to create a better bond.

Understand its behavior: We all have something inbuilt in us, a pre-acquired behavior, and a way to respond to a particular activity. Though they cannot recognize themselves in a mirror they can easily acknowledge all people by their smell. Dogs are self-aware animals. So, try to become aware of what they are expecting from you.

Once you have understood the areas to focus on; you can easily get an idea of what to do. 

Let’s see how to do it for the dog’s betterment and easy understanding.

  • Start with Positive Training: When it comes to handling childlike creatures we have to always be soft to let them generate faith in us.
  • Never Stop: Training is a tedious job to do at times but it is all worth to put those efforts. It makes you and you’re pet creative over time. Re-teach everything that you taught, and you will see amazing results. Never give-up
  • Keep motivating: When you see good things being done at his end then you ought to praise him and can even play or give him a treat. Acknowledge all its good things to keep evolving him to do best.
  • Add the Unexpected: Dogs are playful creatures and when you are determined to do something unique once a blue moon they will readily accept it and be happy about it. Like a sudden water game, a walk in the woods, a small trek nearby, a random walk at the odd hour. Just the way humans need a little change too.
  • Let them Explore: You should let them free. Catching hold of him on everything will irritate him and frustrate him. Sometimes you need to lose the leash and make them feel like the king instead of a domesticated pet.
  • Try to hear them: Dogs are very expressive and they are very much entertaining within them. You should be able to understand their emotions through their expressions to analyze how they are feeling.

You just simply have to spend time and understand them; eventually, you both will be with each other in an unbreakable bond.