All You Need To Know About Dog Clicker Training
All You Need To Know About Dog Clicker Training
Using a clicker to train and reinforce your dog’s excellent behaviour is very common. It frequently results in quick and efficient results and can be enjoyable for both you and your dog. The scientific idea that an animal will keep doing a behaviour that is rewarded is the foundation of clicker training. As soon as your dog grasps the concept of the clicker, you’ll be able to teach him a variety of tasks and give him lots of praise along the way.

f you’ve ever observed someone working with their dog while using a clicker, you know that the procedure can appear strange (or even somewhat magical!) to the untrained eye. Is the dog intended to receive instructions from the click? Are they supposed to sit, come, or lie down? Does it put a halt to inappropriate behaviour?

If you don’t know what a clicker is used for or why you might want to use one, then keep reading!  This blog is for you.

What is a dog-training clicker?

Simple, compact clickers made of plastic are used for training dogs. When pressed, the interior metal strip emits a characteristic clicking sound. Clickers are affordable and can be bought locally, online, or at pet stores. Check out VetSupply to get one for your furry little pal. You can get all the popular training and behavioural products at affordable prices including STARMARK PRO-TRAINING CLICKER along with TRAINING CLICKER WRIST STRAP.


What is dog clicker training?

One of the simplest methods for teaching your dog directions and tricks is dog clicker training. It offers a reliable, audible reaction to your dog’s good behaviour. Dog clicker training involves rewarding your dog when he successfully complies with a command or performs a trick. You reward your dog by clicking the dog clicker thereafter. The dog gradually comes to identify the dog clicker with positive reinforcement and obeying directions.

How do I use a dog-training clicker?

Dog-training clickers are very easy to use. This step-by-step guide will help you get started:

  • Introducing the clicker to your dog

When introducing a clicker to your dog for the first time, make sure you have a lot of tiny food treats available (preferably 20 to 30 bite-sized treats). Select a space that is distraction-free and quiet.

Introduce your dog to the clicker before you begin the training. Click the clicker once, then instantly give your dog the reward while holding the treat in one hand and the clicker in the other.

Repeat this a few times so your dog quickly picks up on the association between the click and a treat. Once your dog has learned this connection, the click should start to grab their interest.

  • Using the clicker to teach commands

Next, concentrate on the behaviour you want your dog to exhibit, like sitting. Click and reward your dog as soon as it sits.


Your dog can be carefully coaxed to sit. As soon as they comply, click the clicker and give them a treat. The link between the desired activity, the click, and the treat will eventually be established by your dog.

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