CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework. The most attractive feature is its minimal digital footprint. It is specifically designed for developers demanding a simple and rich toolkit.


CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework. The most attractive feature is its minimal digital footprint. It is specifically designed for developers demanding a simple and rich toolkit. The MVC dependency enhances the platform. And complex functionalities can be integrated using sanctioned third-party plug ins. The benefits go on and on. Let us see if the market reflects similar statistics.

  • According to BuiltWith, it has helped design 1,435,005 websites.
  • That includes 511,993 live websites.
  • Its market share among web frameworks is 36%.
  • On Github, it has a 17,700 stars

The sheer numbers show the preference among developers to use this framework for web development. Now let us look at some concrete facts to back up the advantages.



  1. Handling Errors

The simple UI makes sure that no errors go unnoticed and that bugs are always addressed. This is one of the primary reasons that the framework is lauded among web developers like Orion eSolutions.

  1. Security

The unique encryption and decryption capacities make it synonymous to reliability. Developers prefer to use this above any other platform while designing ecommerce sites with payment gateways. With the plug in support, customization of any website without compromising the security becomes comparatively easier.

  1. UI

The flexibility derived from the UI cannot be emphasized enough. Developers appreciate the UI as it simplifies a range of necessities like making a website with dynamic functionality to making a website with dazzling responsiveness.

  1. Faster Development

CodeIgniter leaves the other frameworks in the dust when it comes to development speed. This is because this framework requires lesser code even for deploying great functionality. Web development experts like Orion eSolutions appreciates this feature and makes the most of it for partners who require faster results without compromising the quality.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

If digital marketing is driving your purpose, and better reach and traffic falls under your core objectives, this PHP framework is the way to go. The framework also has an array of built in features to further enhance SEO capabilities.

  1. Community Support

One cannot talk about any framework without acknowledging the community that backs it. And this framework is one of the best when it comes to professional community-centric support for all your development needs. Any glitches, errors, or bottlenecks can be easily overcome. For professional developers like Orion eSolutions, the reusable source codes with minor alterations have come handy more than a few times.

  1. Test Driven

Another unique aspect is its test-driven development practices. The entire website development process is dotted with the capacity to test each step along the way. This enables phase-wise testing that enhances the functionality and reduces errors. This translates directly to efficient time management among developers.

  1. Efficient Migration

Database updates and migration forms a crucial part of web development. And this framework simply lubricates the entire process. Your old data can be migrated to this framework with minimal hassle. A lot of the big names who depend upon this have cited this very reason for not switching frameworks.

With the benefits laid out, we can see that CodeIgniter is an efficient framework for connecting databases, and engaging in various tasks like emails, uploading files, session management and so on. It is blazing fast and leaves minimal footprints. It has excellent documentation functions and is extendable using libraries. However, in order to exploit these privileges and make the best out of web development, you need a partner. A partner who can help you scale your business using this framework in a long lasting and manageable fashion. Let us conclude on that note.



The first version was launched in 2006. And in 2020, came version 4. With recurring tweaks and periodic enhancements, this is still a relevant PHP framework in 2021, and will only grow from now on. If you are looking for a partner who is proficient in CodeIgniter and also has a vision for incorporating the latest trends into web development, you have arrived at the right spot.

Partnering with Orion eSolutions can open up untapped vistas in the realm of web development. This will help you gain a significant competitive advantage over the others in the industry. Connect with us today to understand how your vision can be turned into a meaningful digital statement through a strategic partnership with Orion eSolutions.

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