How to Hire an Illustrator for Children’s Book?
How to Hire an Illustrator for Children’s Book?
As a children’s book author, there isn’t a bigger failure than spending money on illustrations that don’t fit into the story. Make sure your book is reviewed, edited, improved, and locked with the right words, characters, and scenes. It is easier to change the story than spend $600 on the wrong illustration.

Do you need an illustrator for your book or magazine? Most authors get stuck precisely at this place – finding the right artists for their books. You may have a great idea and the right words for a picture, but you don’t know how and where to get an artist to draw the pictures. In this blog, we will discuss how to hire an illustrator for your book, what to look for in a children’s book illustrator, where to find affordable illustrators and the potential costs of hiring a children’s book illustrator

Select a Book Size for Self-Publishing the Book

Book trim size is the most crucial element in children’sbook publishing. It is also something you must decide before hiring an illustrator. The available standard sizes of print books are 8.5 X 8.5, 8 X 10, and 6 X 9. You can also customize your book size. However, printing a customized book size will be three to four times more expensive. 

Alternatively, you can hire Writat’s graphic designer todesign a book templateand show how the text and art will fit together on each page. Writat’s publishing platform also contains preset book templates for different genres, including comics and picture books. 

There are several book art styles – watercolors, bold, cute, and cartoony, caricatures, black & white sketches, layered digital art, or full-colored paintings. The art style of your children’s book should be an imprint of your story and must be relevant to the context. Knowing the exact style will help you streamline your search for illustrators. 

If you are also looking to self-publishing a children’s book, we’d love to help. Read this post to get an idea, and then you can visit us to get your book published