Shopware dazzles among the e-commerce platform crowd by standing on the pillars of advanced technologies and integrated SEO features.


  • Recent news from the house of Shopware shows that the German company has made $20 billion in 2021.
  • Additionally, Shopware has made a $100illion profit from the global investment firm Carlyle and global payment firm PayPal.

Shopware dazzles among the e-commerce platform crowd by standing on the pillars of advanced technologies and integrated SEO features.

Since Shopware is the peerless solution for the e-commerce business transformation needs in the digital space, its rapid popularity is inevitable.

  • Slintel reports that Shopware boasts a market share of 0.16% in the global e-commerce market space.
  • Shopware even proudly states that it serves 100,000 customers worldwide.

It is crystal; Shopware development is the best option to push your e-commerce business to a subsequent level.

Once your project gets ripe in your mind, you don’t need to build an in-house team. You can go for a reliable Shopware development company and its developers.

But, before we proceed so fast to how to find the best Shopware development team for your project, let’s dive first into,

  • What Shopware development is
  • How it benefits companies out there

What Is Shopware Development?


Shopware Development is a vital pillar supporting online e-commerce websites across the digital world.

  • This open-source platform enhances user experience, boosts conversions, ensuring seamless business operations.
  • Shopware goes align with the rich requirements of e-commerce website design and development.
  • The platform is accessible across various editions: Professional, Professional Plus, Community, and Enterprise.


Hence, Shopware comes with an assurance to make your business outshine in the crowd.


A Quick Look at the Benefits of Shopware Development


  • As per the Indian Brand Equity Foundation, the Indian E-commerce market will swing to $111.40 billion by 2025. And by 2030, the e-commerce market will hit $350 billion.
  • On the other hand, Statista ta forecasts that the global e-commerce market will reach $7.4 trillion by 2025.


The profits will remain unattainable despite the possibilities unless you leverage Shopware development.


The Open Source Platform

Shopware is an open-source platform allowing businesses to access different plugins in the Community Store.


Exclusive CMS

Shopware CMS allows business enterprises and developers to create e-commerce website content without dedicated technical support.


Multiple E-commerce Stores

Developers can build multiple e-commerce shops under the same roof of Shopware as per your business requirements.


Multiple Payment Gateway

Shopware pushes the usability of e-commerce stores to the extreme enabling businesses to offer multiple payment gateways to their customers.


Enlarging Sales Channel

The low inclusive ownership charges at Shopware facilitate retailers to market their products within a short period.


Set your business milestones, and get set go!


How to Choose the Best Shopware Developers

You come to this part after your mind gets convinced of Shopware benefits. You are thrilled, to begin with, Shopware development.

However, it is the trickiest step: finding efficient developers for your e-commerce website development project.

Check out these following guidelines not to choose the wrong and unprofessional Shopware developers.


Primary Research and Discovery

This step focuses on the thorough research businesses should incorporate regarding Shopware development companies and individual developers.


Shopware Partner Company

First, research the top Shopware partnered companies and fill your wish bucket. Compared to the non-certified Shopware companies,


  • A reliable company comes with enormous skill and experience from developing Shopware stores to support them.
  • A Shopware partnered company can provide clients with the best suitable expertise and support to run stores online.


Never Miss Reference and Recommendations

Word-of-mouth references and recommendations from other e-commerce businesses can help a lot with your research.

Many times,

  • People like to recommend their preferred Shopware development company.
  • They provide valuable references on efficient developers.
  • People love to share the unique offerings of particular Shopware development firms or developers.

So, never miss out on such references and recommendations. Always note them down.


What about Online Ratings and Reviews?

Many good platforms like Clutch, good firms, B2B rating, etc., are out there, who present the reviews and ratings of reputable online business enterprises.

These platforms are beneficial to dig out the best information of Shopware developers and companies regarding their experience, technology stack, client reviews, etc.


Social Media Presence

Before you hire Shopware developers, it is probably the best way to learn about a person’s or a company’s expertise and reputation.

  • Reputable Shopware development companies and individual developers are always forefronts to keep their social media profiles up-to-date.
  • Check out Facebook posts, descriptions, Instagram posts, LinkedIn Videos, and project blogs to learn about their project handling efficiency.


What Is Your Budget


It is a crucial part.

A clear idea of the financial cost of the project and your budget will lead you to the right guy.

For instance, you choose a company or a developer whose charges are beyond your budget.

The fundamental research would become pointless.

Set your budget and the estimate of your project before you proceed to insightful discussions with the company.

Above all, remember that no developer or company can offer revolutionary tech-based Shopware development services at a jaw-dropping price value. A reputable Shopware development firm is aware of the exact estimate of Shopware e-commerce store development projects.

Keep your eyes and ears open. Don’t get swept off your feet with the cheapest solutions or get cheated with overpriced solutions.


Wrapping up

Hiring a Shopware developer is the best way to push your e-commerce store development project ahead.

The journey leading you to the most suitable and reliable Shopware company is tedious. But, it brings assurance and guarantee of the success of your business.

So, are you getting worried about finding the right Shopware development company for your project?

No worries.

Orion eSolutions is a reputable Shopware development company that boasts of its finest Shopware certified developers. We will assign the best Shopware developer for your e-commerce project, and make it a success.

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