Gabapentin and Soma Drug Interactions | can gabapentin be taken with soma?
Gabapentin and Soma Drug Interactions | can gabapentin be taken with soma?
Gabapentin and Soma are two different drugs that are used inthe treatment of two different conditions. Gabapentin is used for curingneuropathic pain

Gabapentin and Soma are two different drugs that are used in the treatment of two different conditions. Gabapentin is used for curing neuropathic pain which Soma/Carisoprodol is used in the short-term treatment of Musculoskeletal pain in our body. Both the medicine Gabapentin works in our body by affecting our central nervous system thus consumption of both the medicine together is now a point to be considered as more and more cases havebeen reported in which the patients has diabetic neuropathic pain and also suffering from a musculoskeletal disorder. Here we will be discussing the interaction of the drugs Gabapentin and Carisoprodol (Soma) if they both are consumed together and also will be providing basic details which every one should be aware of before they purchase Gabapentin online or order Soma online.


Gabapentinand Soma: Mechanism of action

Gabapentin and Carisoprodol are both pain-relieving medication which works on our central nervous systems and alters the level of various neurotransmitter in our body. However, the working of the medications is different. Carisoprodol works on GABA receptors hence enhancing the level of the neurotransmitter in our body, however, Gabapentin a derivative of GABA neurotransmitter has nothing to do with GABA receptors, the drug simply crosses the blood-brain barrier and afterward acts directly on the neurotransmitters. Both the medication has sedative effects in our body.


Sideeffects of Gabapentin and Soma

Although both the medications are effective in treating thecondition for which they are taken but they do have some downfalls in the formof side effects and interactions in our bodies. Some of the side effects andinteraction caused by Gabapentin and Carisoprodol arelisted below:

Gabapentin Side effects

·        Dizziness

·        Fatigue

·        Somnolence

·        Nystagmus

·        Hostility

·        Asthenia

·        Suicidality

·        Depression

·        Skin Rashes

Carisoprodol/Soma Side effects

·        Drowsiness

·        Dizziness

·        Headache

·        Sedation

·        Impair mental and physical abilities of a personto do a heavy task

Gabapentin and Soma Interaction(Can I take Gabapentin and Soma together)

Gabapentin and Soma are both CNS depressants consider toprovide relief from pain. However, with effective results to provide cure frompain, these substances interact with various other substances and possiblythere can be a case when a patient requires both the medication to treatneuropathic pain and muscle injury. A person can take both Gabapentin and Somaat the same time however consultation with the doctor is a must and the patientshould be monitored while taking both the medication. Taking Gabapentin and Carisoprodoltogether can amplify some of the common side effects caused by both themedication like Dizziness, drowsiness, and confusion. Also, a person shouldalso avoid using alcohol while taking these medications.


The legalstatus of Gabapentin and Soma in the USA

Both the medication Gabapentin and Carisoprodol (activeelement of Soma) are listed as schedule IV controlled substances. The reasonfor this is that both the medication works affect Central Nervous System and anoverdose of the medicine can cause severe consequences in our body. Thus if youare considering purchasing Gabapentin online or order Soma online together youneed to have a prescription first.


Where can IBuy Gabapentin online or purchase Soma online?

Because of the legal status of Gabapentin andCarisoprodol, you cannot order Gabapentin online without a prescription. First,you need to consult a doctor and get a prescription first, afterwards, you canproceed to purchase Gabapentin online. You can get the medicine from any onlinestore or you can order Gabapentin 800mgonline from our shop which is one of the bestselling pharmacy store in theUSA which sells genuine products at reasonable rates. You can also order Gabapentin 800mg cash on deliverywhere you need to pay only after you receive the medication.