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Ecommerce service in Lucknow | Max Digital Academy
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The purpose of this paper is to investigate service quality of e-commerce Services in online

platform and their contribution on e-business promotion. Design/methodology/approach – The

online survey was performed on a survey portal provided by Max Digital Academy Services .

Findings – The findings of this study suggest that information quality and online service quality

were the key determinants for user satisfaction and sustainability of e-commerce technology.

Research limitations/implications – Research opportunities of and e-commerce area are fruitful

and important for both academics and practitioners. Practical implications – The findings on

online service quality of e-commerce technology will be useful for current management practice

such as making business policies and strategies and sharing information to managers and

organization leaders. This study can be used for e-commerce Services operators wishing to

enhance the competitiveness of their Websites in the highly competitive online market.

Originality/value – E-commerce is considered an excellent alternative for individuals and

companies to reach new customers. Service quality delivery through Internet is an essential

strategy to success, more important than price and web presence. The e-commerce Website has

been identified as having a significant impact on business activities in solving the geographical

problem. A number of performance problems have been observed for e-commerce Websites, and

much work has gone into characterizing the performance of web-servers and Internet


Information quality has Significant impacts on Customers perceived relationship quality but with

a lower path coefficient than that service quality. providing complete ,accurate ,updated and well

formatted information is thus important for maintaining good relationship with customers

.finding from this research also have practical implications. First user customer .Finding from

this research also have retention. Promoting customer trust is thus important in e-commerce.

Second, information quality is confirmed to be an important factor in promoting Customer

commitment and, thus, should receive sufficient attention from practitioners . Third , providing

high quality Services and usefulness in an effective way to maintain high quality relationship

with customer . System quality , on the hand does not contribute to customer pereceptions of

there relationship with the marketplace practitioner should therefore focus on providing high

quality services and information instead...