Break the boundaries with your ICO development process and yield funding...
Break the boundaries with your ICO development process and yield funding...
Facilitate various Blockchain businesses with your ICO Development platforms.

Multiple things are contributing to the success of any business. But for an idea to turn into a business, funding is very important. There are varied platforms in the NFT sector providing business entrepreneurs to gain their funding. ICO is one such process. Moreover, this is a highly capitalizing spectrum that can bring in the right investors for the right business. At INORU, we help you breed your business by involving yourself in getting started with an ICO development process. 

Initial Coin Offering Development:

ICO is a crowdfunding process carried out to raise initial funding for a business and startup. This is a contemporary method, where investors are given cryptocurrency worth their investment and are backed by the distributed ledgers. With the progress in the business operations, the value and worth of these cryptocurrencies eventually kickoff in the market. That the investors gain profit for their investments.

Today, every blockchain business operating in the field isis curious and opts to raise funding in the same manner. Many ICO businesses are blooming with the increased ICO platforms that facilitate this process. 

ICO development is basically building a user-friendly platform for users to create their cryptocurrency coins for their business and drawing the attention of the investors to buy these tokens as investments for the company. At INORU, we help you develop similar ICO platforms with the utmost advanced functionality and features.


Types of offering:

There are two types of Coin offering. 

* Private ICO

As the name suggests, this offering is for limited investors with accredited grades, like financial investors, individuals with high net worth. Here the company can also limit the number of investors to participate in the investment. And they can also list the minimum investment amount.

* Public ICO

The public ICO is more like an Initial public offering. This crowdfunding process has no limitation or any other hindering attributes. 


Pre ICO Services offered at INORU:

  1. We help you create a dashing whitepaper for your business as per the requirement
  2. We develop a prominent crypto token with an efficient transaction mode.
  3. A wallet to hold all the cryptos and ease other transactions.
  4. A professionally appealing Landing page for your business.
  5. Secured smart contract development. 


Post ICO Services offered at INORU:

  1. For your token with trading capabilities, we help you list in varied platforms for exchange.
  2. We help you create optimized reports on the performance of your ICO
  3. With the success of the ICO, we help you develop a tech-savvy blockchain solution for your business.
  4. We extend our services in contradiction to the fluctuation in the market and help you upbeat the risks.

Final verdict:


With no further ado, reach out to get your ICo Development done to gain the traction of varied potential investors in the community. This helps you scale up your business with the advancement of blockchain technology. Kickstart with your process now! 


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