Best Ways to Shorten Your Sales Cycle Without Going an Extra Mile
To speed up your lead generation process and shorten your sales cycle, you need to keep your list squeaky clean. Use tee strategies to improve your closing rate.

Being a B2B marketer and a salesperson, you know how hard the sales cycle can be. However, you have to reach your targets by the end of the day no matter what. But what is it that comes into the way when you want to generate leads? 

So, is there any way you can push your lead generation? Luckily, there is! There are many tactics and ways to do that, and LinkedIn automation tools are an indispensable ally in such a scenario. 

That’s right! If you want to make the most out of LinkedIn, you need to use the best LinkedIn automation tools and few strategies that we are going to share with you:

1. Use the Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

There are a number of advanced LinkedIn automation tools that can make it easier for B2B marketers, and sales reps to research the right prospects, collect data, analyze the data and save it, engage with the prospects send them to connect notes and messages, thus performing all the complex and repetitive tasks that can be performed better with the help of LinkedIn automation tools.

2. Uncover Prospects’ Pain Points

Many sales reps commit a common mistake that they send one-size-fits-all and unfirm messages to all types of prospects without understanding their needs. 

This is something that can jeopardize the whole campaign and you might just blame LinkedIn automation tools for that. However, it’s crucial that you understand your target audience, collect data about them, their pain points, their objections, problems, etc.

You won’t be able to run a successful campaign with advanced LinkedIn automation tools unless you know them. You can use LinkedIn automation tools to not only find your target audience but also collect data about them. 

3. Personalize Your Messages

When sending messages to your prospects, make sure that your communication with your ideal prospects is highly personalized.

Don’t send the same old, templated, and boring messages that they wouldn’t even like to open. Today, prospects want you to put some effort into them and provide them a personalized experience.

For this, you can run highly personalized campaigns using the best LinkedIn automation tools. There are a number of amazing tools such as LinkedCamp that offer advanced features to help you send highly personalized messages along with customized images and ‘upload pdf’ options. 

4. Build Momentum

You can achieve your milestones over the night. Don’t rush, be patient! Make a proper strategy and start small.

You don’t want to run an outreach campaign to add thousands of useful contacts over the night.

Take small steps; start by using LinkedIn automation tools for profile engagement to collect data about your prospects and then send them to connect request to indulge yourself in the deeper process. 

Don’t make them feel like that you’re desperate or getting personal or annoying. Engage with them, build trust and strong relationships. This is what we call social selling on LinkedIn; to build trust and offer your product or services.

5. Don’t Exceed Limits

Nothing in this world can give you results if you try to exceed the limits.

If you use even the top LinkedIn automation tools 2021, you need to use them with a careful approach.

Choose advanced LinkedIn automation tools that come with features to enables users to set daily limits for each account activity.

This way, you will easily generate leads. You don’t need to wait for the leads to come in and then perform hundreds of other activities to convert them. 


Maintaining a good flow of sales is not easy but it’s 100% possible. All you need to do is to analyze your business model, choose a LinkedIn automation tool accordingly and use these practices to make sales.