Ajax Creative - Toronto Video Production Company
Ajax Creative - Toronto Video Production Company
A Toronto Video Production Company & Animation Studio based in Toronto. We craft powerful stories that inspire through entertainment. We’re not your typical Vancouver video production company. Despite starting the company only four years ago, our video production staff has been working in video production for over 7 years. Our work continues to prove Ajax Creative as a leader in Canada for the best video production companies. We combine our passions

Ajax Creative - Toronto Video Production Company

Ajax Creative Pre - Production

Project Management

Our project manager will beworking with you to make sure you have a clear project plan that will include atimeline of each stage of the project

Account Management

From the initial Kick-off call,to the final delivery of your video, our Account Manager is keeping you up todate on the progress of your project every step

of the way.


Here is where we iron out thewrinkles in our ideas - where our visions are put onto paper - and where yourgoals and our creativity mesh. With our team, we sketch out how your video willunfold, shot by shot, from beginning to end.


Timing is everything once thecameras are rolling. We create detailed itineraries for you on what to expectat every moment.

Art Illustration Frames

Curious to know what your videowill look like? Before the production, this will be as close to the finalproduct as we can get. We’ll take key frames from the storyboard and create afull illustration of the sketch to give you a vivid preview of how the scenecan be visually represented


From cast to crew, no productionis possible without the people in front and behind the camera. Our CastingDirector works closely with our director producer to make sure we vet throughtop talent and provide the right actor for the role

Location Scouting

Locations are one of the mostimportant aspects of pre-production. This is where we create our world. We setout to make sure we found the perfect scenery for your video.

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