3 Reasons to Ditch Your Tampons for Sustainable Period Care
3 Reasons to Ditch Your Tampons for Sustainable Period Care
Tired of the hassle of tampons and pads? When you use a menstrual cup to keep your period contained, periods don’t have to revolve around tampon changing times and checking for leaks. Find out all the benefits of switching to more sustainable period products like leakproof underwear and period cups. You can say goodbye to leak anxiety and say hello to saving money with these period products.

Bleeding for a week every month is tough enough on its own. Our daily lives during our periods revolve around taking ibuprofen for cramps, worrying about leaks on our clothes, and keeping several different tampon sizes on hand. Many of us are taught that tampons and pads are the only real solution for keeping our periods contained—many don’t know that using a cup for period relief is even an option. But it can save you money, work better at containing leaks, and is cleaner for your body and the environment. Your period struggles don’t have to revolve around tampon changing schedules once you realize all the advantages of using a period cup.

Save Your Money

If you sit back and add up all the money you spend on period products like tampons and pads each year; you’ll likely be shocked at how much money you’re actually spending. Periods are a natural part of life, and you shouldn’t be spending hundreds of dollars per year on something you can’t control. Using a reusable menstrual cup can save a ton of money on period care by simply not using disposable period products. A menstrual cup can potentially save you money on underwear over time as well. I mean, how many of our favorite panties have been stained or ruined by unexpected leakage? The answer is too many. You can use a menstrual cup for up to 12 hours, and everything is sealed, so bleeding through your favorite pair is way less likely.

Say So Long to Leak Anxiety

How many times have we double-checked our jeans in the bathroom before we left for fear of finding flow on our clothes? You don’t need that kind of extra anxiety in your life. While using a menstrual cup is highly effective at stopping leakage on its own, it doesn’t hurt to pair it with a set of leakproof underwear. Leakproof underwear is especially helpful for anyone with an unpredictable flow. There are stylish designs and even thongs for hiding those panty lines; you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them and regular panties at first glance. Even if you’re not comfortable ditching your tampons for a period cup just yet, leakproof underwear gives you some added security that your period won’t end up on your pants.

Mother Nature’s Right-Hand Menstruator

A person can throw away hundreds of pounds of period trash in a lifetime, and that’s just one person. Using a period cup dramatically reduces the amount of waste that comes with having a period every month. Pair it with some leakproof underpants, and you’ve essentially erased using paper products with potentially harmful ingredients from your period routine. You won’t have to worry about a potentially harmful ingredient list, and you can focus on all the other things in life that have nothing to do with your period.

About Saalt

When you want an alternative to conventional period care, Saalt provides options that are good for you and the planet. They make a “Period Promise” to offer clean, high-performance products for all things menstruation. Yeah, we’re talking upgraded reusable period cups and leakproof underwear. Their sustainably sourced and ethically produced products are definitely not the stuff your great-grandma used, so the Saalt Squad applauds you for stepping out of the box. Made with 100% medical-grade silicone free of latex, BPA, and toxins, Saalt Cups and Saalt Soft Cups are totally different from disposable… well, disposable everything. For reusable period care that empowers you during a natural and essential time for your body, Saalt is where it’s at.

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