Foodie's Delight: Culinary Experiences Along the Pune-Calcutta-Hyderabad Route
Foodie's Delight: Culinary Experiences Along the Pune-Calcutta-Hyderabad Route
The range of cuisines and the culinary experience to be had along the Pune-Calcutta-Hyderabad route are one for the memoirs. So here’s a comprehensive guide to the different foods you can savour on your trip.

Foods to Explore along Pune to Calcutta

Let's add a bit more detail to each stop along the Pune-Calcutta route to enhance the culinary experience:

Misal Pav at Tea Stall Bedekar

It is better to start off in Pune and eat a hot bowl of misal pav from Bedekar Tea Stall, which is its most famous one. This sprout curry, made with all the ingredients you can imagine, is lip-smackingly good. It has crunchy onions and zingy lemon, which makes it even more delicious.

Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale's Puran Poli

Indulge in the delicious puran poli that Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale has for you to satisfy thy sweet tooth. Every dish of yellow lentils, flavoured with spices of various types and encased by soft and golden brown dough, is a unique pleasure.

Dhaba Delights

Enjoy the wonderful mouthwatering combination of freshly baked roti, dal tadka, and spicy vegetable curries, which are decorated generously with fresh coriander and a spoonful of butter.

Kathi Rolls at Nizam's

Take the Kolkata street food taste experience to the next level at Nizam's, a famous kathi roll place. Embrace the flaky parathas filled with juicy kebabs, soft eggs and sweet sauces that form a symphony of different but harmonising flavours and textures that will make your mouth water.

Rosogolla at KC Das

Wrap up your gastronomic adventure on a sweet note by having a bite of the amazing rosogulla at KC Das. Take a journey through your taste buds in the fluffy chunks of cottage cheese, giving in to the delicate drops of syrup, a harmony of cardamom and rose water. And slowly, as the sweetness disappears, every captivating essence lingers on your tongue, giving you an unforgettable sweet delight and contentment.

Flights Between Pune and Calcutta

The shortest and most effortless way is to fly on a direct Pune to Calcutta flight. Numerous air carriers maintain flights from Pune’s airport to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Calcutta. The time on the plane ranges around 2 to 3 hours.

Foods to Explore along Pune to Hyderabad

Now that you have booked your Pune to Hyderabad flight, here are some delicious foods to explore in the city:

Mastani at Sujata Mastani

Try a drink called Mastani. It comes from Sujata Mastani. Mastani is a thick, creamy milkshake with a scoop of ice cream on top and a generous amount of nut crumbs. Flavours shoot at you from many directions, with mango, strawberry, and even chocolate being some of them.

Hyderabadi Biryani at Paradise

Don't forget to try the biryani at Paradise in Hyderabad. That is the Biryani, a very popular and probably most loved dish consisting of Basmati rice (long grain rice type), tender meat and a unique blend of aromatic spices, giving out a trio of flavours that brings your gastronomic experience to the next level.

Haleem at Pista House

The recipe for the thick and rich barley/wheat stew is made from a combination of lentils and meat that is slowly cooked to perfection, with a generous splash of ghee as garnish and crispy fried onions on top.

Dosa at Chutneys

Test out the cuisine of Southern India with delicious dosas from Chutneys. Offering a wide collection of dosas, from a classic masala dosa with spiced potatoes to a creative cheese burst dosa with melted cheese, this eatery is very popular. Served with a mixed plate of chutneys and sambar, eating a hot plate of these tasty crepes will let you experience taste explosions and a need for more!

Irani Chai at Nimrah Cafe and Bakery

Feel the real cultural heritage of Hyderabad and drink Irani tea at Nimrah Cafe & Bakery, which is close to Char Minar. This ayu/milky and pungent tea is brewed from a unique mixture of spices and served in traditional Irani cups. While you enjoy the hustling and bustling around yourself, do not forget sweets such as Osmania biscuits or Irani samosas.

Flight from Pune to Hyderabad

The quickest and most convenient means of transportation to Hyderabad is by air. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (HYD) is, at present, the main airport serving the city. This airport is well-connected to the major domestic and international airports, with many flights operating daily.


Head out on a journey along the Pune-Hyderabad-Calcutta route, where different delicacies act as road signs to different cultures. Experience the local taste of these famous cities of India, from Pune's spicy vada pav to Calcutta's rosogolla and Hyderabad's biryani, which is also very aromatic. Delve further into India's culinary heritage on this tour that you will forever remember.