Launch NFT based P2E Game Like Axie Infinity
Launch NFT based P2E Game Like Axie Infinity
The axie infinity clone script is a ready-made NFT-based P2E game website script that allows you to build an NFT gaming platform similar to axie infinity. It has pet games.

White label axie infinity clone


Axie Infinity clone script is a P2E powered NFT game scirpt along with complete solutions. It is a prefabricated clone script similar to Axie Infinity. In Hivelance, Our axie infinity clone script is multi-tested with error-free source code which allows NFT enthusiasts to launch NFT Game platform like Axie Infinity on various blockchain networks based on their needs. Our Axie infinity clone script grabs the user attention with its money making features and makes them stay long in the platform.


We designed and deployed our Axie infinity clone script both in web application and mobile application with the gaming features such as battle, land, breed and axie using this players can earn NFT’s.


Axie Infinity: In-depth understanding


The Vietnamese business Sky Mavis created the non-fungible token-based online game Axie Infinity. It is well renowned for having an Ethereum-based coin-based in-game economy.


In the combat game Axie Infinity Clone, players can gather, breed, nurture, trade, and engage in combat with Axies. Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Tron, and other significant blockchain technologies power the NFT game.


The most played Ethereum game, according to active users, is Axie Infinity. Players in Axie are compensated according to how much they contribute to the network, which sets it apart from other blockchain games.


The Pokémon Axie Infinity was created on the blockchain. A pet breeding game with a focus on combat dominates the game's gameplay. To begin playing the game, the players must purchase three characters. Additionally, they continue to play the game while receiving a large portion of the platform's revenue.


It should be mentioned that Axie Infinity is essentially a play-to-earn game built on the Ethereum platform. But in order to get around Ethereum's gas and scalability problems, it specifically constructed a side-chain called Ronin. To prevent future problems with gas fees when using the Axie Infinity Clone Script, one must make sure the right side chain is chosen.


What Technology Is Underpinning Axie Infinity?


The Axie Infinity platform is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum, which is unusable, is the platform used to develop the majority of blockchain games. A decentralized blockchain is not necessary for the Play to Earn concept. On the Axie platform, it is committed to introducing decentralized apps.


The goal of the Axie Infinity game is to give players a gaming atmosphere. a system that gives them complete decentralization The idea of "playing only to earn" is eliminated.


Axie Infinity Clone Script To Create Axie Infinity-Like P2E NFT Game


An Axie Infinity Clone Script is a piece of white-labelled code that may be used to create a game that is identical to Axie Infinity rapidly. The code is adaptable and reduces the game's overall development time to 7–10 days. Thus, a competitive game can be offered on the market with a few minor adjustments and customizations.


Users can buy and play in a war-based game that is similar to Axie Infinity Clone Script, a digital pet universe-based game. The Axie Infinity Clone Script is made with state-of-the-art blockchain technology and has capabilities and a user-friendly UI.


The Axie Infinity Clone Script is a big game with plenty of characters and regular upgrades that make it easier for players to utilize. Users can purchase each character for a sizable amount of ETH.


White Label Axie Infinity Clone Software


Hivelance provides a White Label Axie Infinity Clone Script software that uses the Ethereum Blockchain network and allows you to completely customize the UI and essential features to match your enterprise needs. Additionally, we create Axie Infinity clone software that works with several blockchain networks, including Tron, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum.


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