IoT Application Development In Gurugram
IoT Application Development In Gurugram
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a future technology that’s already becoming reality. Its health, agricultural, and manufacturing potential.

IoT Application Development In Gurugram

We deliver advanced IoT Solutions personalized for your business and industry-specific needs.

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IoT Application Development


The manufacturing sector can benefit greatly from IoT Technology. IoT allows them to gain a competitive advantage by implementing features such as production-line monitoring to facilitate proactive maintenance on machines when sensors detect an oncoming failure.

  • Better safety and security
  • Optimized management of supply chain
  • Asset tracking
  • Predictive Analytics

Smart Homes

Web-enabled house management systems and household devices are the products that are making IoT technology so popular. Especially in developed countries, there is a lot of emphasis on making a home, a smart home.  

  • Web-connected security systems
  • Automated utilities resource planning
  • Electrical appliances with automated adjustment capabilities

Smart Cities

IoT technology is a gem for the public sector and holds the key to developing all-connected, highly automated Smart cities. IoT applications can gather data about any outage of a resource and deploy countermeasures to help utilities recover from outages more efficiently.

  • Smart waste management 
  • Internet-connected power grids
  • IoT traffic management systems
  • Sensor-based lighting systems


The medical and healthcare sector is another industry that benefits from IoT technology greatly. IoT applications are helping medical institutions to serve patients better and reducing the enormous work pressure on medical professionals. It allows the patients the ability to self-diagnose and monitor critical bodily functions and get a real-time update on their health and body functions.

  • Better self-treatment and diagnosis with implantables and wearable devices.
  • Smart equipment and drugs management 
  • 24X7 patient monitoring 
  • Constant vital tracking and report assessment

Why Hashstudioz

IoT has grown far more than just providing consumer-centric products. It also invites the chance of better connectivity, optimal performance, and new revenue possibilities for the organization. All via the connected web of the “internet of things”.

Hashstudioz is a leading IoT Application Development company in Gurugram and many other states. We design and engineer exemplary IoT software, hardware, and firmware that deliver chart-busting results to our clients.  

Hashstudioz presents a pinnacle of professional ideology dedicated to allowing you a seamless and transparent experience without any hassle whatsoever. 

IoT Development Boards We Use

To get a clear idea about IoT development boards, first, you need to know what they actually are. An IoT development board is a printed circuit development board that includes several microprocessors and microcontrollers. These development boards are usually used for the development and prototype phase of the product. 

There are three types of development boards that we can use for our clients.

  1. SOCs (system on chip-boards)
  2. SBCs (single-board computers)
  3. Microcontroller-based boards

At Hashstudioz, we believe that quality resources are the key ingredient to developing an excellent product. Keeping this mantra in mind, we use only best-in-class IoT boards for development and prototyping.

Omega 2 – Omega 2 is a web-enabled IoT development board based on a Linux-based operating system. It is a powerful board that comes with high processing and flexible GPIOs capabilities.

Beagle Bone –  Beagle Bone is an SBC board used to develop small-scale IoT projects. The board is also used for LCD, prototyping, VGA, and other functions.

Particle Photon – Particle Photon is a simple yet powerful piece of equipment used for IoT development. This board includes WiFi connectivity, LEDs, switches, and an STM32 microcontroller.

Raspberry Pi – Raspberry Pi is a small-sized board usually used for embedded projects. It is vastly compatible with numerous output devices like monitors, TV, and computers and offers an easy development operation.

Jetson Nano – Jetson Nano features an energy-friendly and cost-efficient development board for IoT. It runs modern AI workloads and other heavy operations such as segmentation, image classification, object detection, etc. 

Banana Pi – Banana Pi is another cost-efficient small-sized development board that runs on several open-source operating systems, some being Android, Ubuntu, and Raspbian. The hardware design was an updated version of Raspberry Pi and is compatible with Raspberry boards.  

Arduino Nano 33 IoT – Arduino Nano 33 is a low-cost and practical solution for adding WiFi connectivity to IoT devices. It has an ARM Cortex-M0 32-bit SAMD21 dual processor that provides optimal experimentation capabilities. 

Arduino Nano 33 is compatible with the Arduino IoT Cloud that allows you to build IoT apps efficiently. Furthermore, the board comes with an integrated real-time clock module and can interact through synchronous serial communications.

i.MX 8 – i.MX 8 board delivers high-speed computing services with much less power input. The board features a quad applications processor that provides state-of-the-art graphical performance along with remarkably flexible storage options. It features one of the best audio and video abilities and is ideal for advanced industrial embedded systems. 

To put a cherry on top, it also features a boot image flashed on one eMMC memory already installed into the system.

Tessel 2 – last but not least is the Tessel 2 IoT board. This chipboard comes with embedded networking capabilities and enables you to create scripts in the node.js language. Tessel 2 is built in a modular way and offers off-the-shelf plug-and-play modules to magnify its performance.

Our Portfolio 


OPC- UA is a machine-to-machine communication protocol created for our INTRANAV client. The developed OPC-UA adapter on top of the rest API has used the open-source node OPC-UA server and the client. Furthermore, the HTML5 front end is also designed to be flexible for future modifications for the OPC-UA server.

Moreover, Developers have customized the available open-source solution to meet the functional requirements.

Home System AutWheelers Paramillomation

The home system automation was created with Zigbee-based IoT devices that control energy meters, power plugs, and thermometers for our Germany-based client.

Our system offers interconnection of devices and sensors and controls the output based on the results.

To develop this system, we used custom firmware with the CC2531 Zigbee hub. It transformed the incoming Zigbee data to a better MQTT format and passed it on to an MQTT broker such as ActiveMQ or Mosquito.

Wheelers Paramill

Wheelers Paramill is a specially designed application that grants control of a Treadmill to differently-abled individuals. Physically challenged people are unable to access the controls of a Treadmill. To tackle this problem, This App is created that allows individuals on the wheels to control the speed, resistance, and distance on a Treadmill.

DAIT Measurement Kit

The DAIT Measurement Kit is a unique combination of hardware and software services designed for air products manufacturer IMI Norgen for their popular valve range. Created with Python scripting to control crucial features, this device optimally tests the life cycle of their automotive parts while monitoring their electrical characteristics.

Industry 4.0 System Integration

This system was developed to solve the challenge of real-time breakdowns on assembly lines and increase monitoring and transparency capabilities in plant operations. 

We created a cost-effective system by fetching the data from HMI, Pro-face, and PLC while using raspberry pi 3 as a gateway.

With the help of a user-friendly dashboard and OE cloud calculation, we exhibited real-time production data, MTTR & MTBF, plant health, and machine activities.

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