Why do react native become the most preferable technology to build a mobile application?
Why do react native become the most preferable technology to build a mobile application?
react native become the most preferable technology to build a mobile application

Technology is developing at a rapid speed. The mobile app market has grown at an incredible rate. In 2018, the App Store and Google Play each had 30 and 77 billion app downloads, respectively. It is currently worth between 38 and 102 billion dollars. It is predicted to reach 45 and 139 billion by 2024! (Statistics courtesy of Statista) This obviously indicates the desire for mobile apps.


Do you have any plans to get in on the mobile app market? It does, therefore, represent a major opportunity.


What is React Native?


React Native is a great tool for creating mobile apps. The tool is indistinguishable from dedicated Android and iOS programming languages. React Native integrates seamlessly with mobile operating systems. With React Native, you can get rid of the need for framework apps. This framework was created by Facebook and employs a single code across all platforms.

What makes React Native App Development so popular?


React Native was once considered commercially unviable. It didn't deliver a "native-like" experience.


React Native, on the other hand, has grown in popularity as a popular cross-platform development framework as a result of its faults. Today, the development of React Native Apps has acquired popularity, community support, and a larger market share.


Reasons for the popularity of React Native App Development


  • Single Codebase


With native Android and iOS, the single codebase works great. It serves as a link between native and web counterparts.


You don't need to recruit two teams for native platforms if you choose software development. Also, don't bother about syncing layouts. With a smaller budget, you can develop your software faster.


  • Performance

It's possible that React Native isn't as quick as native apps. However, native components like as image, view, and text provide near-native performance.


Please hold on. Do not confuse a hybrid app with a React Native app. It's a true mobile app. You can also optimize native code to improve performance. React Native App creation has the advantage of allowing you to use native code as well. You can get the optimum performance by combining native code and React native features.


  • Budget-friendly

Startups are looking for a way to get their name out there on the internet. They do, however, have a budget constraint. For such startups, React Native is ideal. It aids in the time and financial savings. It enables you to reach out to a larger number of people. It also ensures that returns are received more quickly.


  • Credibility

Facebook introduced the React Native framework and created a cross-platform app for their social portal. It gives the best feel of a native app. It is an open-source network. Several popular apps such as Skype, Instagram, Walmart, Bloomberg are built on React Native. 


  • Third-party Plugins

React Native is rich in JavaScript libraries. It is time-consuming to develop a new software completely. The plugins help your app to perform better.


  • Easy Bug fixes

Debugging is easier in cross-platform apps than native ones. One bug fix can be incorporated across all the platforms. Thus, debugging is made easier for developers. Also, changes in mobile apps turn less cumbersome.


  • Personalized UI

One of the main reasons for React Native’s popularity is its adaptability to UI. The framework provides a personalized User Interface and User Experience. It allows you to design unique UIs. It eases your work with pre-built declarative components. However, you can also use your own components. 


  • Easy transformation

The developers can save time by transforming a web app into a mobile app with ease. The framework is characterized by modular as well as intuitive nature. Thus, the developers can reuse the same code for various platforms with few minor changes. 


  • Less space

React Native apps consume less space irrespective of the platform. There is no need for cross-bridge linking. Thus the majority of the codes can be easily executed in the app runtime.


  • Pre-existing components

The developer can make use of pre-built components. Thus, the programmer can reuse and deploy the app easily. 


  • Community Support

This framework has a wide range of online community support. Programmers can easily reach out for guidance whenever necessary. The developer can be assured of support in less time. 





The above Statista report clearly shows how React Native has maintained its levels. 42% of developers choose to React Native app development.  It is essentially a popular framework used by developers. React Native is actively developed and improvised. It is advancing outweighing its cons. React Native strives to empower its community in the future too. Get amazing benefits by choosing React Native app development. 


React Native ensures easy communication with the native platform. Also, it easily integrates with existing apps. Publishing the app is as simple as cutting a cake. Unlock a wide range of benefits with the modern tool: React Native App Development.


For cost-effective solutions with superb UI and performance, React Native is the ideal option. With React Native, you can create enterprise-level apps. Create unique apps to transform your company. Join hands with a react native development agency to claim your piece of the mobile app industry.