This NFT Tech Facilitator wants to help safeguard your NFTs
This NFT Tech Facilitator wants to help safeguard your NFTs
Ascertaining the characteristics of the best NFT launchpad: Report

GuardianLink, a by-product of 4+ years of R&D work in Blockchain and NFTs, is empowering NFT projects (from across the globe) with its pioneering technologies and NFT methodologies.


The player is building tools for the NFT creators; more specifically, for first-timers who may not have the necessary coding knowledge. With its no-code NFT launchpad, it does just that!


On its mission to safeguard your NFTs, GuardianLink conceptualized a technology (empowered by Artificial Intelligence) in the form of Anti-Rip AI Spyder. There are companies out there providing vault-based solutions to safeguard NFTs. GuardianLink, however, monitors the web for duplicates and initiates instant alerts (in case of duplicates). By doing so, they empower every NFT project with their way of safeguarding their NFTs.


What does it mean for key industries?


NFTs, as we all know, are digital assets encoded with unique digital properties that represent real-world items. While NFT space enjoys widespread adoption, there are a few copycat instances too. Many creators took to social media platforms and expressed their frustrations over these instances. Since NFT space isn’t much regulated, infringement happens every now and then.


To defy them, there is a big need for prominent technology like Anti-rip Spyder. With this technology, the creator has control over who gets access to the private keys. By doing so, the technology facilitates the methodology that without the consent of the owner, none can open the wallet.


Closing Thoughts


Just like any budding technology, NFTs are prone to data security breaches and copyright infringement (at times). As Newton’s Third Law states, “For every action, there is a reaction,” the NFT space will witness more security-focused technologies (in the future). 


As of now, we have one from GuardianLink. Visit their website for any further information.