New NFT Projects That Will Blow Up In 2023
New NFT Projects That Will Blow Up In 2023
Why Invest In NFT Project?

NFTs have become a part and parcel in the life of users and investors in our modern digitalized world. World has transformed a lot ever since NFTs started to bloom. Projects in this domain continue to flourish as the count steadily grows on the number of audiences in this industry.

Millions of NFTs are worth investing in, as it forever grabs the limelight of the users. From large enterprises, brands, celebrities everyone is competing to be onboard in this sector.

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Top Trending NFTs To Purchase In 2023

1. Silks
Silks is a well-founded and popular NFT that represents remarkable vision of NFT horses on the metaverse platform. Silk NFT horses are digitised with mixed-reality technology on top of web 3.0 gamification to build a realistic horse racing gaming environment.

Thrilling racing experience initiated by Silks is mind-blowing for the investors who think of investing their dollars on digital horses. Investors claim this is one of the best-ever NFT to get purchased as soon as possible. Mind-boggling features like Silks Avatars, Land, Stables, and Silks Horses, still capture the hearts of many businessmen in NFT circles.

2. Cocky
Cocky NFT represents a lifestyle club exclusively launched for performing music events in a virtual space. Many consider this as a commercial utility project for investment due to its impeccable functionality.

Huge fanbase is created on this fantasy project as it favours fans who regularly attend musical concerts on a regular basis. Mission of this project is to gradually transform the old-fashioned lifestyle experience to a modern digitalized one.  Events in Cocky are published on live streams and solves the pitfalls like unconventional event locations.

3. Tamadoge
Tamadoge is a trending utility NFT explicitly developed for P2E gaming platforms. Native token of the Tamaverse platform is TAMA which is exceptionally used for trading Tamadoge pets. It represents a unique dog avatar that can be later bought and bred across the Tamadoge platform.

4. MetaGoblins
One of the top picks for investing in NFTs is MetaGoblins. This MetaGloblins NFTs boosts the revenue rate as it is exclusively developed for rewarding gamers on the global scale.

It enriches the lifestyle of the gamers as this fun-loving multiplayer game is considered as a gold mine for earning due to its reward programs like mining power rewards.

5. Moonbirds
Moonbird is one another trending NFT that represents a collection of 10,000 avatars processing a unique rarity trait. Gaming features are extremely unique where each avatar has its own special characteristics and power.

Staking in Moonbirds is extremely beneficial, as a longer period of staking generates exciting rewards for users. Further it extends the capacity of earning by allowing holders to achieve new tiers. Record-breaking sales in Moonbirds created a dream debut for entrepreneurs by making a six figure income for them.

6. CryptoPunks
CryptoPunks appears on top of the list while you consider purchasing NFTs. Creating record-breaking sales in CryptoPunks is quite evitable for everyone’s eyes.

Its sales were undiscoverable at the earlier stages but later it skyrocketed drastically in the upward direction. It proudly illustrates by creating a representation of 10,000 pixel images on Ethereum network. If you consider investing on nfts, keep CryptoPunks in mind. Quite a few examples of its popularity is proven as celebrities like Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, Logan Paul, and a few others do own a unique CryptoPunks.

7. 8liens NFT
Considering a cheaper investment?
Simply go for 8liens NFT, it is experiencing a huge demand in terms of people looking for cheaper investing alternatives. 8liens NFT is known for a collection of 10,000 rare NFTs with a downline investment rate of 0.08 ETH.

8. Pirate X Pirate
Pirate X Pirate is an adventurous NFT where rewards can be earned from adventures on high seas and tidal waves. Investors consider this as an interesting earning module, to acquire income from an adventurous gaming platform.

Working mechanism is really exciting, as a player can wage a war against pirates and their opposition monster. Pirate X Pirate NFT captures the hearts of million gamers, and still stays alive in the competition for investing.

9. Guild of Guardians
Guild of Guardian holds 200k players on their list. The feature-rich gameplay like dungeons, magic, orcs, elves, widens the gaming community in this open-world economy.

They are excited to announce their largest community rewards as more players are attracted based on the fundamental gaming design. Devices like Android and iOS support Guild of Guardians game playing features.

10. Battle Infinity
It stands out from the above listed nfts as this Battle Infinity comes under traditional NFT. Reward program in this NFT is in the form of $IBAT(native token).

Key attraction of this NFT gameplay is rising because of its eye-catchy multiplayer P2E gaming experience. Customizations of avatars also capture the hearts of millions of gamers. Outfits of the avatars can be swapped at any time based on the player's wish.

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