Mapping Guardian Link: No-code NFT exchange, Anti-rip technology, and much more
Mapping Guardian Link: No-code NFT exchange, Anti-rip technology, and much more
Introducing Guardian Link’s no-code NFT exchange platform

Advancements in Blockchain and cryptography have given complete access to the NFTs; however, some existing NFT players do not facilitate that. But wait - Guardian Link is a decentralized no-code NFT exchange platform that empowers users (from across the globe) to buy and sell their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) seamlessly. 


As far as we know, Guardian Link offers a creator-friendly, secure, and decentralized NFT infrastructure to ensure creators and collectors go hand-in-hand. It is quite a big opportunity for both (of them) to seize the full potential of the NFT space.


Features & Benefits


Over time, NFT admirers have seen exchange platforms as third-party facilitators. But then, Guardian Link proved the doubters wrong and let them construct and own a no-code NFT platform. The platform has several features that include:


  • Secure & Fast Infrastructure - Guardian Link’s infrastructure is hosted on robust servers (around the world) that can handle an influx of requests simultaneously. 

  • Customizable user interface - Guardian Link’s ecosystem provides different marketplace templates that can help the users edit and customize the look of their NFT exchange platform.


With Guardian Link’s no-code exchange platform, creators can easily create immutable NFTs and create an ecosystem for creating, minting, and trading non-fungible tokens.


Anti-rip AI Spyder technology


Guardian Link’s Anti-rip technology - A set of tools that has everything (one ask for!) in an NFT ecosystem. It includes sophisticated features that one would expect from an NFT launchpad, such as legitimacy protocol, self-serving functionalities, protection of NFT assets, and much more. 


This Anti-rip technology can accommodate data-sensitive NFT projects that place its relevance much on user data, NFT data, etc.