Did you know about the new launch of the Chakraverse NFTs?
Did you know about the new launch of the Chakraverse NFTs? presents Stan Lee’s Chakra The Invincible Official NFT Collection featuring animations, comic stills, and comic covers!

1.Beyond Life Club in association with Orange Comet, is launching NFTs from Chakraverse, which is the much anticipated Indian Super Hero comic NFT releases up to date.

2.It has such names as Stan Lee attached to it, and this is the first Indian superhero co-created by Stan Lee.

3.This makes it a rare and important opportunity for fans of Marvel and Stan to get their hands on his last project manifested as NFTs, and they are timely launching the Chakraverse NFT release in tribute to Stan Lee’s 99th Birthday.


What can you expect to see and buy in the Chakraverse?


1.Chakraverse consists of many beloved characters from the comics and the movies, including Stan Lee as some of the NFTs are modeled after him in honor of his 99th birthday anniversary.

2.Stan Lee’s Chakra NFTs include many unique one-of-a-kind NFT art punks for purchase, along with a series of animated and still posters, rare art punks, and NFT animated videos up for auction.

3.There is also the Loot Box which is a new fun way for fans to gamble on their NFT collection to end up with a unique token on random. Still covers are for purchase. Animated covers and animated NFTs for auction along with many more surprises.

4.This would make it the first-ever release of this character in the form of NFT for fans of Stan and Chakra, a chance to get to own a personal piece of history.

5.Especially considering there aren’t many regional, ethnic, and original characters that got popular outside Marvel, this has breached boundaries far and beyond on all fronts and paved the way for more opportunities in the future of the superhero market in India and its global presence.

6.So, get your wallets out and get busy, do not miss out on this once in a blue moon occasion to get your hands on the Chakras.