Build your NFT store with no-code knowledge
Build your NFT store with no-code knowledge
Guardian Link enables blockchain commerce through its Omni Blockchain legitimacy protocol. This allows NFTs to be traded in high frequency trading across multiple blockchain infrastructures.

Launch your NFT store with no-code knowledge

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), as we all know, are non-interchangeable and immutable. If you trade your NFT for another token, you tend to get an entirely different one with a different value (unlike cryptocurrency). 



No-code Approach - A De Riguer in NFT space


The value of NFTs is being bolstered by the increased acceptability and credibility of cryptocurrencies as legal exchanges of value. With the vast majority of Western countries debating new rules for cryptocurrency as a genuine asset class, digital art gets even more legitimacy.


Looking ahead, the NFT space may hold demanding strings for a no-code approach. The important question here is whether existing NFT players acknowledge this?!


Guardian Link joins forces to unearth their in-built no-code NFT launchpad. It offers a wide range of tools and functionalities for users to create, curate, and launch their non-fungible tokens. They feature self-serving features like Anti-rip technology, legitimacy protocol framework, dedicated marketplace, and much more.


Creators can create their own NFTs on the Blockchain network (most preferably, Ethereum & Polygon/Matic). You can use Guardian Link’s no-code launchpad to make a collection of tokens. 


Get started with Guardian Link:


Whether it’s an NFT store or a token (that you want to create), you need to follow these things;


  1. Connect your existing crypto wallet with the platform.
  2. Create your NFT store (in a way you want) with the help of drag-and-drop functionality.
  3. Start listing the NFTs and facilitate NFT trading.


Unearthing an NFT store, apart from being a passionate decision (for NFT admirers), is also a vital business decision (to monetize). It’s high time that you think about creating one!