Blockchain and AI, the perfect sum for the decentralization of the Web3
Blockchain and AI, the perfect sum for the decentralization of the Web3
Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) have become the perfect combination to keep the decentralization of projects developed on Web3 at bay.

Blockchain, AI and Web3

It is hard to believe that ideas developed so many years ago are now part of that innovative and revolutionary stack launchpad development company that is being developed all over the world. With creations such as those powered by OpenAI , the well-known GPT-3, Dall-E, Codex or more open-source ideas, such as Stable-Diffusion , it seems clear that AI is reaching an impressively fast level of development. This entails other more industrial and professional uses, such as GitHub Copilot or the AI ​​solutions that Tesla and other car manufacturers are beginning to implement in their autonomous driving models.

Customize web services

If there is a point where blockchain and AI go hand in hand, it is in Web3. The need to customize Web services and tailor them to the needs of their users typically passes through centralized data centers that analyze the information and “serve what the user wants.” It is a model that has been with us since Web2 and remains strong because it works very well. The only problem is that your data is in the hands of third parties who generally care very little about your privacy.

Markets and trends

Another development is Numerai . It is a Data Science type project that uses the power of AI to analyze the development and evolution of blockchain markets. Its power, although dedicated to the study of markets, can also be directed to the analysis of trends and behaviors within the blockchain. The goal would be to predict user needs or behaviors within decentralized applications (DApps),and launchpad development service to personalize experiences.

A fusion with many possibilities

The two examples above are just a few business use cases for this technology, but there are many others. Projects like Fetch.AI are an example that there are still many possibilities to explore of everything that can be done with blockchain and AI. But the fusion of both technologies would also allow such interesting things as:

New AI models

Of course, the possibilities not only concern the construction of Web3, but also serve to develop new AI models that take advantage of the potential of decentralized computing networks, such as blockchain networks. In this case, the development potential of AI would be enormous and democratizing. It would allow anyone with access to such networks to develop AI-powered applications, leading to a substantial improvement in global technological development.

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