A no-code launchpad for artists from GuardianLink
A no-code launchpad for artists from GuardianLink
Guardianlink's innovation in building the No Code NFT platform!

How does a no-code launchpad work for artists?


  • In the growing world of the crypto trade, the demand for artists to switch to NFTs as an outlet for growth and exposure is exponentially increasing. This is partly thanks to the non-fungibility nature of the tokenized items, as creators need not be worried about the theft or duplication of their assets, neither do the investors and buyers.
  • But this platform may not be as easy for non-coders or traditional artists, in a sense of speaking to breakthrough.
  • To make it in the marketplace the owner has to create and code their own dedicated marketplace from scratch and that is not the reality for everyone.
  • To break this stereotype GuardianLink introduced a product for creators to benefit from the advantageous nature and opportunities NFT trading provides.


The technical aspect of the non-technical platform provider.


  • The platform helps with curating an ocean full of templates, each categorized to suit the preferences and the needs of the customer under one roof. The templates can be used to customize and plan your most impressive layout of your marketplace.
  • The launchpad mints your NFTs depending upon the medium of your artwork with relevant standard practices. It is usually standardized with ERC-721 standard rules of the blockchain, but it may vary depending on the piece.
  • The Anti.Rip AI Spyder technology makes sure to comb through every competitor's marketplace, checking for duplication, recreations and alerts you of the mishaps as soon as it takes place. So artists can rest free without worrying about scammers and second-rate copy artists.
  • At last, they provide wallet integration with every major wallet in practice possible for easy and user-friendly use and customer satisfaction.
  • The artists only need to refine and focus on their creative aspect of the NFT and GuardianLink would take care of all the troubleshooting and security details for a very minimal percentage.



GuardianLink is the mastermind behind the two of the most successful launches from BeyondLife.Club, The Amitabh Bachchan and “Chakra The Invincible” NFTs. go check out BeyondLife for more information on how to get your hands on the awesome collection.