Top React Libraries and Frameworks
Top React Libraries and Frameworks
React Libraries and Frameworks


For JavaScript apps, Redux is a state management solution. It's most commonly used integrate with React, it also works with other React-like frameworks.

For Redux, it's now able to connect all components directly to the entire state and thereby, reduces the requirement for using call-backs or props.

2.Create React App

Create React App  is a command-line interface(CLI) tool that requires no development configuration. It encourages you to create your own standard and guides you to start the app developing procedure seamlessly.

There is no complexity because you only need a build dependency. The Create React App has behind layers of ESLint, Webpack Babel, and other features that make it more suitable for small web applications.


This set of fundamental components is designed to help you create a stable user interface with user-defined scales and design constraints.

Rebass is all about quick design and development with a footprint of only 4KB.Rebass aims to be helpful, minimal, expandable, unopinionated, and themeable through its compatibility with Theme UI and best-in-class assistance for theming.

4. Grommet

Grommet is a component library designed for online projects that are mobile-first, accessible, and responsive. It supports screen reader tagging, keyboard navigation, and atomic design techniques, among other things.

It also includes a large number of svg icons. Twilio, Samsung, HP, Boeing, Uber, and Netflix are just a few of the huge companies that have used Grommet to create their web apps.

5. React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap is a User Interface Kit which retains its Bootstrap origin.To help you get more control over every component’s form and function,it replaces Bootstrap JavaScript with React.

Every component is made to be essential for front-end framework development and easily available. As React Bootstrap does not differ much from its Bootstrap cores, developers can select from the thousands of readily accessible Bootstrap themes.

6. Semantic UI React

Semantic User Interface React is the official plugin for Semantic UI and it is free from jQuery and contains shorthand props, a declarative API, augmentation, an auto-controlled state, sub-components, and so forth.


More than 50 components are included in this React Library, including pagination, transitions, progress bars, segments, and so on.Themes are provided by Semantic UI as CSS Stylesheets, and components are provided by Semantic UI React.



In Blueprint, the React components are mainly for utilization on desktop apps.These components are particularly well suited to the creation of data-rich and complicated user interfaces.

You can choose bits of code for creating and showcasing icons from the component library, choosing time zones, communicating with times and dates, and more.


This famous animation React library utilizes spring configuration for describing the animation.Thereby, it reduces your concerns regarding complicacy and controlled duration.

React-motion also eases the flow of development within React elements utilizing stiffness, damping, and accuracy strategies.React-Spring API bridges the gap between declarative and imperative methods. Additionally, you can anticipate a shared, safe transition.


State management is simple and effective with the MobX library. Any React library focuses on preventing developers from changing the state, but MobX has a unique feature that assures that everything is extracted.

It responds to every existing observable property discovered at the time of implementation of the defined function.MobX and React collaborate, and they're both quite powerful when they operate together. MobX aids in the updating and storing of app state.

10.Evergreen UI

Evergreen UI is a set of React elements that is favorable for enterprise-grade web apps.As it utilizes React Primitive, it is extremely flexible.From typography, basic layouts, icons, and colors to function-based features like toggles, dropdowns, feedback indications, and file uploads, it includes a wide range of tools and components. After you've installed the Evergreen package, you can choose the elements you want to import


These are some of react libraries and frameworks.If you want to build a mobile app using react get help from the best react.js agency.