Revenue Stream of Top Fashion Brands With NFTs in 2022
Revenue Stream of Top Fashion Brands With NFTs in 2022
Here you can know about the biggest revenue happened in the fashion industry with the aid of NFTs.

In this digital age, starting an NFT Platform for Fashion is a creative and lucrative business concept. In this business, as you’ll spend less, make more money, and reach more long-term customers. If you’re considering this as an investment option! then you should read this post to the end so that you will learn how does the NFTs changing the fashion industry.


Fashion NFT Market Size


The demand for digitization leads to a rapid growth of NFT in the fashion industry. According to some experts, this growth rate of Fashion NFTs could reach a worth of $56 Billion market before 2030. Some of the biggest revenue happened in NFT-based fashion industry are listed below.


1) The Giant sports brand, Nike has released its first collection of NFT Sneakers and has made about $185 million through sales.


2) A popular Italian fashion brand has made a revenue of about $25 million by its sales made in Collezione Genesi, a biggest event in NFT Fashion history.


3) On this list, the popular brand Gucci has also made to the top luxury NFT brands with a revenue of about $11 million in its NFT sale.


Several other brands like Adidas, Tiffany & Co and many more have also made use of Fashion NFTs and generated revenues in million from their sales happened in various NFT Fashion Marketplace platforms.


Are NFTs The Future of Fashion Industry?


Since several industries like games, arts, real estate etc are has been took over by the NFT, fashion industry is no exception. As the fashion industry enters the virtual world, there comes an opportunity for the designers to expand their creativity without any limitations. With NFT being an aid to the fashion industry, the future holds a lot of benefits for both designers and the customers in many ways.


After getting to know the above mentioned facts, you would have got a clarity on how lucrative it is to invest in NFT Fashion Marketplace development. For further assistance in successfully launching your own NFT Marketplace platform, get in touch with the experts at Developcoins, a leading NFT Marketplace development company.