The Whole Truth About Fat Freezing
The Whole Truth About Fat Freezing
This blog will tell you about the technology used in fat freezing machine. In addition to the benefits of fat freezing treatment, the indications and contraindications for fat freezing treatment are also things to know about clearing.

The Whole Truth About Fat Freezing

Today I will tell you about one of the most popular hardware body shaping treatments today - fat freezing. A good figure is the result of continuous hard work. To have an ideal appearance, you must adhere to the principles of healthy eating and regular exercise. But in order to eliminate visible imperfections and partial weight loss on the body, modern procedures of hardware correction are more effective. Fat freezing is one of them.


What Is Fat Freezing?

Fat freezing treatment is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that uses controlled cooling to remove unwanted fat. It should be noted that fat freezing cannot be used to cure obesity. This method is suitable for healthy and active patients. In other words, these patients are still slim, but they have problem areas in their bodies in the form of localized fat deposits.

Fat freezing can be used on the abdomen, side, back, chest, arms, and double chin area. However, because different parts of the body respond differently to cold therapy, the best results are usually observed on the abdomen, back and side. Fat freezing was approved by the FDA in 2010 to remove unwanted fats, proving the effectiveness and safety of this method.


The Essence of Fat Freezing Technology

Compared with other cosmetic treatments used to remove cellulite and cellulite,fat freezing treatment is in greater demand worldwide. What is the nature of this technology? In fat freezing treatment, fat cells are destroyed by cold. But this will not happen at the moment of direct contact, but 2-3 months after treatment. In 1.5-2.5 months, the number of fat cells will begin to decrease, and the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue will decrease to 25%.

In the past, fat could only be removed by surgical liposuction, but now fat freezing has been used in medical cosmetology. A fat freezing machine is used for fat freezing treatment without incision or puncture. In the process of fat freezing, the subcutaneous tissue is cooled to slightly above the freezing point (up to -5oC), which destroys the fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue and causes them to lack energy. Then, the process of cell apoptosis is triggered-natural cell death. However, compared with necrotic changes, it occurs more slowly and does not cause scars and tissue inflammation. In this case, the decay products of fat cells will gradually be excreted from the body through the lymph and blood.

When using fat freezing, use a professional fat freezing machine to cool the fat to reduce fat deposits. This non-surgical technique for removing local fat is based on the controlled cooling of subcutaneous fat tissue because these cells are unstable to cold. During the fat freezing treatment, the skin and fat folds are placed between the applicator and then gradually cooled to -5 degrees Celsius.

The cooling of adipose tissue triggers irreversible biochemical processes, including the conversion of liquid lipids to solid lipids and then crystallization. This process will gradually cause fat cells to die. Fat freezing is painless-the patient will only feel cold during the treatment. This is one of the most effective, low-traumatic high-tech methods to remove fat deposits.

Fat freezing treatment allows you to remove fat, even without dieting and exercise. Fat freezing can combat fat deposits in the upper and lower abdomen, thighs, and arms. It can also help you get rid of the double chin. The fat freezing machine is like a sculptor, removing unnecessary things and bringing the figure closer to the ideal state.


How Does The Fat Freezing Treatment Work?

Before the fat freezing treatment, the expert will measure the size of the fat folds. According to the size of the problem area, choose one of the four applicators and apply it to the body part together with the gel pad. The applicator sucks in the fat folds under the action of a vacuum to cool the subcutaneous fat. The second option for fat freezing treatment is to apply the freezing plate to the problem area and secure it tightly. The whole process does not exceed one hour.

During the fat freezing treatment, the patient will first feel a slight tingling sensation, which will disappear after 15 minutes. There was no skin pain or inflammation during the treatment. After removing the applicator, the skin will turn red or slightly blue. However, it will return to its natural color 30 minutes after the end of the fat freezing treatment. It is possible to have numbness, but it will disappear within half an hour. The patient sometimes feels a slight chill, which is normal during this process.


Indications for Fat Freezing Treatment

I believe that the main advantage of this kind of hardware sculpting is the ability to remove fat from the problem area and keep it where it is needed. Exercise and diet will inevitably lead to a reduction in the volume of various parts of the body, but this is very detrimental to the attractiveness of the female body. The doctor recommends fat freezing treatment in the following situations:

·At least 2-6 cm thick fat folds exist in the treatment area, which cannot be corrected by traditional weight loss methods.

·Reduce body volume where you need to lose fat.

·Eliminate cellulite and improve skin elasticity.


Contraindications of Fat Freezing Treatment

Fat cryotherapy should not be performed in the following situations:


·Skin trauma;

·Physique prone to bleeding;

·A large area of scar or hernia in the treatment area;

·Suffering from circulatory system diseases;

·Personal intolerance to cold;

·Obesity 2 and 3 degrees;

·Skin disease;

·Liver and kidney failure;

·The presence of a pacemaker;


·Pregnancy and lactation.