What Is Satta Kings Secrets To Win? - What Every Champ Needs To Know!
What Is Satta Kings Secrets To Win? - What Every Champ Needs To Know!
What Is Satta Kings Secrets To Win? - What Every Champ Needs To Know!What Is Satta Kings Secrets To Win? - What Every Champ Needs To Know!

What Is Satta Kings Secrets To Win? - What Every Champ Needs To Know!

The Satta Kings is an online game based on ThaiBoxing. This is a martial arts type game that has the player controlling aspecific character and trying to knock out other fighters. Unlike other games,you don't have any weapons or gears to use. But you do have the Satta Resultwhich determines the results of each fight. Here's a look at Satta Kings tricksto win.


Satta Kick - When your Satta isreleased, try to hit your opponent with it. This Satta King trick is very easybut requires some strategy to be done correctly. First, keep in mind that youshould attack your opponent when his Satta is about to come out. If you dothis, your opponent will be launched into the air and you can follow up with aSatta Kick. If you cannot execute the move, you can simply block the Satta andtry to counter attack.

Satta Grab - This Satta Kingtrick involves grabbing an opponent's Satta and pulling him down to the ground.What you're looking for is to grab the opponent's Satta and bring him down tothe mat. Then slam your opponents Satta down and stomp on his stomach. You willnotice that his breathing gets heavy and he starts to suffocate. Good luck!

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Satta Counter - Watch out foryour opponents Satta King. When he uses Satta Grab to try to pin you down, thenquickly do a Satta Kick to the opponents' Satta. The Satta kick will send youropponent's Satta flying. Watch out for when you're in the corner and you're allset to counter attack. Your Satta King will react immediately and you must beprepared to block and counter at the same time.

Satta Flip - Also known as theknee bump, this move is great for controlling the opponent who's about toattack you. All you have to do is turn to your left and punch them in the solarplexus with your right leg. As soon as you do this, your opponents Satta willfly up and hit you. As soon as this move is done, your martial arts enemiesSatta King will go down. Master this move and you can easily take down youropponents.

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Shuriken Sake - You can't be toosure these days of what a Sake (spear) move is. But, if you see a Sake movelike shuriken saze or shuriken kite, then you know it's got to be dangerous.When doing a Sake move like shuriken saze, your opponents Satta will be flyingall around. If you see your opponent doing the shuriken move, then just goright over them and deliver the shuriken strike. This move will give you a goodbeating.

Hura Roshi - This is the ultimatefoot stomper. If you learn how to do hura gosh, you're going to find yourselfwinning the game more. The basic move is foot stomper into foot sweep. Whendoing foot sweep, simply move your feet into the opponents space and kick themfrom side to side. As soon as they get knocked off balance by this move, bringthem back down with a barrage of foot strikes.

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These were some of the moves thatI have personally used to great success in the game. In my opinion, these arethe best moves in the game when learning how to use what are fatty king'ssecrets to win? It might not work well on some other characters, but it will onmost. I hope you enjoyed the article. Have fun in your game.