Study Between Prepaid & Postpaid Connections
Study Between Prepaid & Postpaid Connections
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When prepaid and postpaid connections are discussed, the difference between postpaid and prepaid is always a buzz topic for discussion. The names do suggest a lot about them, which is almost self-explanatory.

The core difference between postpaid and prepaid is quite simple! It all depends on when the user is convenient to pay the bill for their number(s). Overall on general terms, prepaid mobile phone plans are bill less options that are paid upfront via a recharge outlet, company store, online, or set up with auto-recharge. Postpaid mobile phone plans come with a monthly bill. Outside of this, prepaid tends to be cheaper, while postpaid tends to bundle better overall value into its monthly fee.

But while terms like prepaid and postpaid are pretty self-explanatory on the surface, there are some key differences between them.

Prepaid meaning Let us get to know more about prepaid mobile plans

Back in time, prepaid plans used to be considered the sole domain of students and seniors, primarily because it’s a budget-friendly payment system. As the name suggests, prepaid mobile plans are paid in advance of usage.

This means prepaid users avoid all forms of extra or late bills because you generally use what you pay for, but you have to stay on top of proactive payments in order to stay connected. Prepaid mobile plans tend to operate on a fixed recharge cycle, which can get confusing too sometimes. Paying for an extremely short time (seven days) or really long time (six or even 12 months) is a straightforward process in terms of expectations, but paying for the more popular variant – a month – is where things get tricky in postpaid connections.

For example, when you recharge on Payrup you are pre-planning your bill payments for a calendar interval, which is how prepaid ideally operates. Today monthly plans of the prepaid networks are generally in the range of 28days.

The biggest pro is the tendency toward no contract, even if perks outside of international calls and data rollover/sharing are the main kind of bells and whistles you can expect to find on prepaid mobile plans. Still, unless you’re going for an incredibly cheap plan, expect unlimited national talk and text as standard is available.

Postpaid meaning  - Let us get to know more about postpaid mobile plans

Moving on to the next payment group, the postpaid connection. Actually, it’s all in the title, really. Postpaid mobile plans are those that you receive a bill for at the end of the month, paying for your service retroactively rather than proactively.

What’s not as obvious is these plans tend to let you tap into some pretty special perks, including international calls, roaming bolt-on travel packs, data-free streaming services, and the option to pay off a shiny new handset in lucky draws and stuff.

While postpaid used to be the domain of lengthy contracts, these days, contract-free postpaid plans have been introduced. All postpaid plans have unlimited talk and text as standard from all operators, which means you’re effectively paying for data and perks.

Speaking of data, it resets at the end of a billing month on a postpaid plan. On top of this, depending on your provider, you may be automatically charged for any data used over your monthly allocation limit or your mobile network speeds may be ‘capped’ to significantly lower speeds for the remainder of the billing cycle as per guidelines and plans specifications.

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