Sterling Silver Jewelry Making Process
Sterling Silver Jewelry Making Process
The natural components of jewelry (stones, silver, and accessories) will undergo multiple processes. These jewelry are unique and involve a lot of time and skill. Expect personalized and handcrafted jewelry, most of the jewelry is excluded by casting machines.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Making Process


We love jewelry and we are fascinated by how women can transform, enhance their beauty. Feel the delicate touch of the precious metal that delights your delicate skin. See how silver glitter embraces your body sexually and emphasizes your natural beauty. Consider how much fun a small detail can bring, specially designed and crafted details to give you a good mood and constant enjoyment. The tremendous energy and strength accumulated in the precious stones come from your body in a carefully elegant look and design. Imagine a man is approaching your lovely pendant to adorn your neck. While gently hugging your wrist, gaze at the charming looks of other women admiring your beautiful bracelet.


There are moments in every woman's life when you want to look beautiful and radiant and nothing helps more than the right size jewelry. Jewelry manufacturers produce jewelry, which will surely help many women to look their best during important occasions and celebrations. Art jewelry making is also a big challenge for the best jewelers. The uniqueness of those products is primarily the artistry that must be featured. The jewelry production process involves the most advanced technology and dedicated research. Jewelry making is a very holistic process that goes through a long and slow process and is difficult from start to finish. A beautiful ornament undergoes a series of production processes before achieving a pure product as an artwork.


The natural components of jewelry (stone, silver, and tools) go through several processes. These ornaments are unique and involve a lot of time and skill. Expect personalized handmade jewelry, most jewelry is removed by a casting machine.


.925 sterling silver comes from the fact that it is an alloy mixed with other metals. .925, or 92.5%, is the minimum amount of pure silver that must be added to the alloy. Natural silver is made to thicken to make the alloy more durable and less tarnished. Sterling silver for our art projects, jewelry making, and handicrafts comes in wire, tubing, and sheet. Silver must be mined before it can be deposited in a bank.


Each of our suppliers will tell you that we provide high-quality products and services. Silver bars, or silver bullion, are an expensive investment that requires careful consideration. Bars come in a variety of sizes and weights, and it's important to know their weight and purity before purchasing any bar. Mexico is currently the world's largest producer of silver and therefore the best place to shop. However, we only buy silver in the United States.


We are also looking for the best stone setting around the world

When we buy our stones from across the globe, we always ensure that we get the best and widest range of materials available. Everything they offer us is the best in the industry... is that what you want to hear? Anything is possible. Be it the work patterns, production facilities, showrooms, or stone stocks of these companies, the quality is high in all these companies. These are stone companies that invest in commercial equipment and high-quality materials. These are the "Stone" companies with whom we enjoy a long-term and committed working relationship. We have decided to work with the best people in the industry and this brings satisfaction not only to us but also to our customers.



Each piece of jewelry begins with a concept. The concept is basically a rough design with the designer in mind. The final design is the result of a close collaboration between the designer and the artisan that gives the art object a real hand-crafted origin. Designer concepts and drawings are used by the model maker to create the original piece of jewelry. wholesale jewelry vendors


Jewelry design is passionate but difficult alchemy of embryonic ideas that knock and transform against each other. For the unfortunate designer, there are blank pages in front of him. Hey, leave it, don't mechanically darken the page; There is a reason why it cannot be seen. Close your eyes and gently send a message to Mother Nature for help. Short-lived image conch, exotic leaves, wood texture, etc. Show.


When the master jewelry is complete, it is processed into a high-tech mold, which in turn is used to create wax replica jewelry.


Once the sketch is complete with all the small details, it is passed on to the casting department. In the casting department, highly experienced professional molders then transform the sketch into a master mold that forms the basis for the entire process. The archetype is a very complex manufacturing stage as the end result depends on the archetype. wholesale jewelry supplier



The metal jewelry can be either unique, such as B. a custom-made one-of-a-kind engagement ring, or a model to be used for a rubber mold. It can be made by investment casting.


The mold of the part produced is first formed in wax or metal on a scale of 1.05 (or 3% on average) to allow for solidification shrinkage (slight reduction in the dimensions of the metal part to be produced compared to the wax model). This is due to the physical phenomenon of metals being less dense in the liquid state than in the solid-state, resulting in a decrease in volume as the metal cools and solidifies.



Setting is the process of attaching a gem or precious stone to a metal setting with a moving part of the metal. Methods commonly used for customization include:


Prong/claw installation. The prongs are tiny pieces of metal from the mount that the setter folds over the stone's girdle, securing the stone in place. This is the most common technique for single gemstones.

bezel setting. The stone is surrounded by a tiny disc of precious metal. The sheet is bent around the entire perimeter of the stone and fastened from the bottom. Wholesale jewelry supplier



Every detail must be polished during the manufacture of the fastener. The entire mount has been meticulously cleaned and polished to the utmost smoothness, making every detail look attractive. After installation, the polishing machine is recommended for the final polishing of the jewelry. All polish and blush spills must be thoroughly disposed of, either by thorough hand washing or ultrasonic cleaning baths.


  • mechanical polishing

Felt or cotton pads impregnated with abrasives are used to polish the metal surface. For hard-to-reach places (crevices, internal corners), cotton threads/threads are placed in the same abrasive compositions in hard-to-reach places and rubbed vigorously.

  • chemical polishing

This type of polishing is risky and not suitable for all alloys used in jewelry.



After the completion of the coating process, the product is transferred to the inspection department, where each product is carefully and carefully checked for defects. This quality control process is carried out by highly qualified personnel and all defective parts are sent back to the relevant departments.

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