Emerald Designer Jewellery Collection by House of Meraki
Emerald Designer Jewellery  Collection by House of Meraki
Buy Emerald Jewellery Online by House of Meraki Featuring Bespoke designer emerald jewellery collections, Rings, Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets, Pendant. It begins with a detailed consultancy to understand your emerald needs, offering an emerald from our inventory or a bespoke cut option. Your emerald will be crafted by the finest designers and craftsman in the industry, to transform your dreams into reality.

An Emerald Designer Jewellery nourishes the heart chakra and is referred to as a gemstone of successful love. Its soothing green colour provides healing energy and calms tired eyes. Emerald is believed to be the growth crystal and is symbolic of birth, development and creation.


When you work with emeralds most of the process is done by hand, right from the way it’s mined, while being cut and polished and set into a timeless piece of jewellery. Like our individual stories every emerald has a story to tell, their unique character comes from the presence of inclusions also called ‘jardins’ which helps trace an emerald’s origin and journey.


We aspire to be one of the first companies to produce emeralds completely traceable from mine to market and hence we bring emeralds to the market directly from the source. We work with emerald mining companies and our network of reputed gem dealers to ensure our emeralds have followed a sustainable journey.


We handpick each emerald for our high jewellery and fine jewellery pieces; they go through a process of strict quality checks to ensure we use the finest emeralds to create your jewellery pieces.A reputed International lab confirming its origin certifies each Meraki emerald and we aim to champion transparency and confidence in the emerald trade.